Are you tired of losing track of leads and missing out on potential sales opportunities?

Well, you’re not alone! Many businesses struggle with lead management, but the good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

Lead management software helps you organize and track your leads, so you can nurture them and turn them into paying customers. But with so many options out there, how do you find the best one for your business?

We’ve done the research for you and put together a list of the 15 best lead management software options for 2023. Each option has been carefully selected based on its features, pricing, and overall user experience. Whether you’re a small business starting out or a large enterprise looking for an enterprise-level solution, you’re sure to find a tool that fits your needs on our list.

In a Nutshell

  • Lead management software makes it easier to keep track of the position of leads and move them forward in the sales cycle.
  • An effective lead tracking solution makes it easier to collect, manage, nurture, and analyze lead-related information.
  • For any lead management software to be considered effective, it should offer features such as automated nurturing campaigns, detailed reports, pipeline management, etc.
  • In this blog, we compare the 15 best lead management software to help you find the most suitable solution for your sales team.

What Is Lead Management Software & How Does It Work?

Lead management software tracks and optimizes the movement of leads through the sales process. It ensures that leads do not drop off when they move from one stage to the next. The software keeps all the information and previous touchpoints related to leads organized in one place. This data accessibility allows you to personalize engagement and build stronger relationships.

In a nutshell, lead management software boosts your conversions and sales by capturing, qualifying, segmenting, assigning, and nurturing leads effectively.

Increased ROI, reduced loss rate, and improved customer retention are some of the notable benefits of lead tracking software. It ensures that important leads do not slip through the cracks and are managed from start to finish.

Here’s how lead manager software essentially works:

  • Improves lead capturing and assignment
  • Keeps leads moving forward in the sales funnel
  • Boosts alignment between sales and marketing teams
  • Enhances customer experience by tracking preferences and behavior
  • Tracks where leads are in the sales funnel and deliver relevant information to them

Features of Lead Management Software

When looking for software for lead management, pay attention to the following essential features.


The tool should enable you to automatically capture leads from a variety of sources, such as web forms, emails, etc., and store them centrally in your database. Another important aspect of lead management software is automated alerts and reminders, so you can engage with leads at the most appropriate time.

Automation Process in BIGContacts CRM

Pipeline Tracking:

It should offer a customizable sales pipeline that helps visualize all leads. This pipeline makes lead management much more convenient since you easily determine where an opportunity currently stands in the sales cycle.

Track your sales or leads pipeline through BIGContacts CRM

Team Communication:

Reliable lead management software should make it easy for different business divisions to communicate. By enabling clear and faultless hand-offs between sales and marketing teams, lead management can be significantly improved.

Mobile Access:

Remote access is a crucial aspect of lead management software. The tool should enable you to view updated data from anywhere and stay connected with leads, even when you are out of the office.

Mobile Access Feature of BIGContacts CRM

Reporting & Analytics:

Reporting and analytics help you track and improve the effectiveness of your lead management efforts. You can generate standard reports or create custom reports to track the most relevant metrics related to your leads.

Reporting Analytics Feature of CRM

Lead & Task assignment:

The tool should make it easy for you to assign leads to the right sales representatives and create tasks for team members. It should also allow you to track the progress of these tasks and visualize where every prospect is in the buying process.

Lead Nurturing:

The lead management software should enable you to create automated email sequences that enable lead nurturing. You can personalize the emails and make them more relevant for the recipients.

5 Lead Management Software Trends

Lead generation software has come a long way. These tools are evolving at a rapid pace, with new trends emerging regularly. Such trends are driven by advances in technology, changes in customer behavior, and a desire to provide the best possible experience for both leads and sales teams.

Some noteworthy trends that have come up in recent years are-

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more prevalent in lead management software, allowing for improved lead scoring, better segmentation, and smarter lead nurturing. AI can help to predict the likelihood of a lead becoming a customer and prioritize leads based on that prediction.

2. Automation

Automated lead nurturing is becoming more common in lead management software, allowing for the creation of tailored email and social media campaigns that are triggered by specific lead actions. This helps to keep leads engaged and moving down the sales funnel.

3. Real-Time Analytics

Lead management software solutions are increasingly using real-time data and analytics to provide up-to-date information on lead behavior and engagement. This information can then be used to optimize lead nurturing strategies and improve conversion rates.

4. Mobile Access

With more people accessing the internet via their smartphones, it is crucial for lead management software to be optimized for mobile devices. This means that lead management solutions should be accessible from anywhere, at any time, and receive regular updates for improved user experience.

5. Personalization

Driving more intent-based interactions with prospects is another methodology that has produced successful results for businesses across industries. This is why 42% of brands are now personalizing their content to enhance engagement.

Advanced leads tracking software such as BIGContacts offers these and other advanced features that make it a reliable solution for enterprises looking to grow in the competitive marketplace. We now delve deeper into some of the most reliable software that you can opt for to manage your leads.

Best Lead Management Apps- At a Glance

SoftwareKey FeaturesPricing
BIGContactsPipeline management

Workflow automation

Contact segmentation
Starts from $5/user/month
PipedriveAutomated follow-ups

Sales reports

Pipeline tracking
Starts from $9.90/user/month
KeapLead nurturing

Automated follow-ups

Reporting & analytics
Stars from $149/month
HubSpotVisual sales pipeline

Reporting dashboard

Email templates
Starts from $45/month
FreshsalesEmail marketing

AI recommendations

Performance reports
Starts from $15/user/month
Zoho CRMDeal prediction

Contact management

Workflow automation
Starts from $14/user/month
QuickBaseCustom reports

Drag & drop UI

Lead tracking
Starts from $30/user/month
EngageBayAutomated emails

Contact management

Lead scoring
Starts from $12.74/user/month
Act-onLead categorization

Website activity tracking

Automated emails
Starts from $900/month
Zendesk SellAutomated tasks

Reporting & analytics

Deal predictions
Starts from $19/user/month
LeadsqauredCustom dashboards

Sales workflows

Lead routing
Starts from $25/user/month
Pipeliner CRMPipeline management

User roles

Workflow automation
Starts from $65/user/month
SalesforcePipeline management

Automated emails

Data analytics
Starts from $25/user/month
monday.comAutomated workflows

Sales pipeline tracking

Email templates
Starts from $10/user/month
SalesflarePipeline management

Instant alerts

Lead prioritization
Starts from $29/user/month

15 Best Lead Management Software

Here is an in-depth comparison of the 15 best lead management software available on the market currently. This comparison, which includes the key features, pricing, pros, and cons of each of these tools, will help you make a well-informed decision for your business.

1. BIGContacts

BIGContacts CRM is the best for Better Lead Management

BIGContacts is an easy-to-use CRM for lead management, well-suited for businesses of all sizes owing to its scalability and easy usage. You can use it to manage sales leads using a visual pipeline. BIGContacts also enables you to automate engagement campaigns for more effective lead nurturing. Set up instant alerts and reminders to get things done at the right time.

Key Features:

  • Schedule personalized drip emails to nurture leads effectively
  • Track and manage sales opportunities with a customized sales pipeline
  • Automate routine administrative tasks to free up more time
  • Segment leads into distinct lists and groups to keep your database well-organized
  • Generate insightful reports to analyze trends and improve performance



  • The setup process is quick and easy
  • Delightful customer support and training resources are available



  • The tool can be slow to load at times
  • It does not offer AI-based scoring


  • Big- $5/user/month
  • Bigger- $15/user/month
  • Biggest- $25/user/month
  • Enterprise- Custom pricing


  • G2- 4.5/5
  • Capterra- 4.3/5

BIGContacts Plan Summary:

Contact Dashboard
Contact Capacity100010,00050,000Unlimited
Custom Fields62050Unlimited
Social Profile Search
Contact Tags
Webform Connections
Automated Tasks & Emails

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is a highly customizable sales CRM that enables sales lead management. It offers automated actions, helping you stay connected with leads at all times. The platform can help boost your sales by keeping lead data organized in visual sales pipelines. Pipedrive also offers email templates and instant notifications. Mobile access ensures that you take advantage of important opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple custom sales pipelines for managing leads
  • Keep leads well-organized and updated with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Use automated email campaigns to improve lead nurturing
  • Schedule tasks for team members and track their progress routinely
  • Generate reports to gain better insights into business performance


  • Capture leads using custom web forms and chatbots
  • Leads can be added to the software manually or imported in bulk


  • Requires more detailed reports
  • Prioritizing deals within the sales pipeline is challenging


  • Starts from $9.90/user/month


  • G2- 4.2/5
  • Capterra- 4.5/5

3. Keap

Keap CRM

Keap CRM provides automation capabilities to help enterprises improve their sales outcomes. This lead management platform offers pipeline tracking and marketing automation features to get the most out of acquired leads. The lead management CRM offers appointment scheduling and tracking to help you avoid no-shows and build better relationships with your customers.

Key Features:

  • Capture leads from various sources automatically
  • Segment leads to deliver more personalized emails
  • Visualize business data with insightful reports and analytics
  • Automate email follow-ups to connect with prospects at the most suitable time
  • Schedule appointments and set up reminders for these events


  • The tool’s interface is extremely user-friendly
  • Contacts can be easily tagged, so everyone stays informed about them


  • Reporting needs to be more advanced
  • The setup process is challenging and time-consuming


  • Stars from $149/month


  • G2- 4.2/5
  • Capterra- 4.1/5

4. Hubspot

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot provides real-time visibility into sales opportunities, helping you make the most out of them. Personalize your interactions with all the required information, including previous interactions, notes, and support tickets readily accessible. HubSpot also offers a clear sales pipeline view, enabling you to stay on top of deals. Furthermore, bulk emails and automated actions save time.

Key Features:

  • Create new tasks and set up reminders to improve organizational efficiency
  • Automatically enrich contact profiles with data sourced from online platforms
  • Share personalized emails with your prospects and customers
  • Analyze team and campaign performances with reports
  • View all business communications with a universal inbox


  • Get notified instantly for customer actions so you can connect with them instantly
  • Generate qualified leads for your business with custom web forms


  • The steep pricing model increases the overall cost
  • Reports could be more detailed and versatile


  • Free plan available
  • Paid plans start from $45/month


  • G2- 4.4/5
  • Capterra- 4.5/5

5. Freshsales

Freshsales CRM

Freshsales is a well-recognized CRM lead management software with a simple interface and powerful features. Sales teams can use Freshsales to generate leads, track their intent, and prioritize them. It can considerably shorten your sales cycle and automate repetitive tasks to grow your sales. The tool also offers AI-powered insights that help you leverage your business data more effectively.

Key Features:

  • Automatically assign leads to the most suitable representative
  • Prioritize and manage deals present in your sales pipelines
  • Use pre-built reports or customize the search filters according to your requirements
  • Set up automated nurturing sequences to close deals quickly
  • Create custom roles and permissions to limit access to critical customer data


  • Use AI assistant to get deal insights and recommended actions
  • Access detailed activity timelines, including all interactions and touchpoints, to drive more meaningful conversations


  • The tool’s interface is clunky
  • Customer support requires improvement


  • Free plan available
  • Paid plans start from $15/user/month


  • G2- 4.6/5
  • Capterra- 4.5/5

6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers a suite of lead management features to grow sales. Effective qualification and nurturing can help you convert leads into long-term customers. These leads can be collected from multiple sources and stored in a centralized database to make management more effortless. Added advantages of this open-source lead management software are its intelligent alerts and predictive analysis.

Key Features:

  • Predict the outcome of deals and make accurate sales forecasts
  • Automated tasks reduce time and minimize errors
  • Analyze sales data in various formats, including charts, quadrants, etc.
  • Create custom workflows with triggers for automated actions
  • Identify quality leads and nurture them effectively


  • AI-powered recommendations help you utilize resources efficiently
  • Boosts team collaboration by making it easy to share information


  • Integration with tools outside the Zoho ecosystem is limited
  • The tool’s UI is a bit clunky


  • Free plan available
  • Paid plans start from $14/user/month


  • G2- 4.0/5
  • Capterra- 4.4/5

7. Quickbase

Quickbase CRM

Quickbase is a cloud-based, flexible platform that works according to your requirements. Use a pre-built sales management application or build your application from scratch. The tool enables you to filter and sort through deals with ease. A significant advantage of this software is its extensive customization. Furthermore, Quickbase allows you to generate detailed reports for tracking sales performance.

Key Features:

  • Create custom dashboards with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Build reports to obtain more visibility into your business operations
  • Track leads and keep their statuses updated
  • Share data and updates with all stakeholders easily
  • Schedule emails to improve lead nurturing campaigns


  • Get real-time insights and recommendations into your business processes
  • Build your custom application without coding


  • Reports could be simplified and made easier to customize
  • The pricing structure is steep


  • Starts from $30/user/month


  • G2- 4.5/5
  • Capterra- 4.5/5

8. Engagebay

Engagebay CRM

EngageBay is an integrated sales, marketing, and support platform. It helps you identify important prospects, offer them personalized services, and convert them into customers. With EngageBay for lead management, you can easily automate repetitive processes to save time and boost productivity. All the essential contact information is available in one place, allowing you to transform your customer relationships.

Key Features:

  • Improve lead nurturing with automated email campaigns
  • Capture, score, and manage leads effectively
  • Track deals by setting up multiple sales pipelines
  • Plan activities and track projects to meet deadlines
  • Segment your customers to improve personalization


  • Leads can schedule appointments with sales representatives
  • 360° view of customer information helps in optimizing experiences


  • Better and more customizable templates are required
  • The training manuals available for the tool could be improved


  • Free plan available
  • Paid plans start from $12.74/user/month


  • G2- 4.6/5
  • Capterra- 4.6/5

9. Act-On

Act-On CRM

Act-On is a marketing automation software that can simplify lead management for your business. Capture qualified leads and nurture them with automated email campaigns. It also aids lead scoring, so you can focus on the most important deals. Furthermore, you can set up mobile alerts for your team members to stay updated at all times.

Key Features:

  • Automate email marketing campaigns for better lead nurturing
  • Score and prioritize leads according to your unique parameters
  • Track website visitors’ activity in real-time
  • Personalize interactions based on activity history to maximize conversions
  • Measure the effectiveness of your lead management efforts with reports and analytics


  • Categorize leads based on various characteristics
  • Automate notifications and reminders for your team members


  • Requires more advanced filtering and segmentation options
  • Pricing is higher compared to other alternatives


  • Starts from $900/month


  • G2- 4.1/5
  • Capterra- 4.3/5

10. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell CRM

Zendesk Sell streamlines sales activities, allowing you to keep track of all opportunities in one place. The tool enables you to track previous interactions with your prospects and customers, contributing to improved personalization. Zendesk Sell also helps you segment your leads effectively. With this sales lead management tool, your sales team can plan and track their tasks more diligently.

Key Features:

  • Set up automated task sequences to avoid unnecessary delays
  • Detailed activity reports and analytics help you monitor sales performance
  • Predict deal outcomes to make accurate revenue forecasts
  • Build a sales pipeline to prioritize important leads
  • Mobile and offline access enables you to manage leads from anywhere


  • Get real-time notifications for contact activity and take timely actions
  • Build segmented lists to make outreach efforts more targeted and effective


  • The help center needs to be upgraded
  • The mobile application is less functional than the desktop version


  • Starts from $19/user/month


  • G2- 4.2/5
  • Capterra- 4.3/5

11. LeadSquared

LeadSquared CRM

LeadSquared centralizes all your sales opportunities, leading to an increase in your conversion rate. Capture leads from multiple sources and prevent them from slipping through the cracks with effective nurturing. By combining several teams, processes, and tasks in one platform, LeadSquared can help you create better customer journeys. You can also manage leads remotely with the mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Customize dashboards to measure campaigns and team performance
  • Build custom sales workflows to improve team productivity
  • Assign leads to the right sales representatives
  • Track the opportunities present in every stage of your pipeline
  • Automate nurturing campaigns to convert more leads


  • Build sales workflows that help team members stay updated with the next actions
  • Task priority lists for team members contribute to improved productivity


  • The setup process can be challenging
  • Lacks advanced reporting capabilities


  • Starts from $25/user/month


  • G2- 4.5/5
  • Capterra- 4.3/5

12. Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM offers a range of lead management features that can boost your conversion rate. Customize sales stages, manage sales opportunities with a visual sales pipeline, track communication history, and enable seamless collaboration between your team members. The tool also makes it easy to track relevant KPIs and optimize business performance.

Key Features:

  • Capture leads through web forms, import CSV files, or enter them manually
  • Define user access roles and permissions for your team
  • Manage deals in your pipeline by simply dragging and dropping them
  • Track emails, social media activity, last touches, and other information related to your leads from a single screen
  • Filter through data easily based on any attribute of your choice


  • Enhance efficiency with the workflow automation engine
  • Stay on top of leads at all times using the mobile app


  • Navigation can be challenging initially
  • Documentation and tutorials require improvement


  • Starts from $65/user/month


  • G2- 4.6/5
  • Capterra- 4.6/5

13. Salesforce

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce enables you to close deals faster by bringing all the required information together. This cloud-based CRM application aids contact management and helps you build strong relationships. Foster team collaboration, stay on top of all deals, and boost revenue. The tool helps you automate redundant activities, providing more time for engaging with your prospects and customers.

Key Features:

  • Create and manage your sales pipeline to stay on top of all available opportunities
  • Share personalize messages based on customer actions and preferences
  • Use AI-based insights to improve customer experiences
  • View all previous interactions and essential contact details in one place
  • Make use of analytics to discover profitable opportunities and make better business decisions


  • Automated sales processes can boost overall productivity and profitability
  • The mobile application helps log activities easily and follow up with prospects at the right time


  • A steep learning curve is involved
  • Configuration and setup are complicated


  • Starts from $25/user/month


  • G2- 4.3/5
  • Capterra- 4.4./5

14. CRM is a full-featured business management software that can boost your organization’s bottom line. If you require a sales management system that saves time by providing a detailed overview of all leads and tasks in one place, then is an excellent choice. This CRM tool helps automate repetitive activities, including lead assignments and follow-ups.

Key Features:

  • Get instant notifications for customer actions such as email opens and clicks
  • Make forecasts and track sales performance with reports and dashboards
  • Capture leads automatically and store their information in your database
  • Build multiple sales pipelines to track your leads
  • Automatically log all interactions in one place to track previous communication and preferences


  • Ready-made templates are available to reach prospects and customers instantly
  • Customize the stages of sales pipelines to match your existing process


  • UI needs to be simplified
  • Lacks the ability to automate recurring tasks


  • Free plan available
  • Paid plans start from $10/user/month


  • G2- 4.7/5
  • Capterra- 4.6/5

15. Salesflare

Salesflare CRM

Salesflare is a powerful CRM solution that can suit the lead management needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Use the tool to automate lead follow-ups, collaborate with team members, and gain actionable insights from your sales data. Salesflare eliminates a significant amount of manual work from your processes, making it easier to focus more on converting leads.

Key Features:

  • Manage your sales pipeline with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Get instant notifications for email opens and clicks
  • Manage deals on the go with the mobile app
  • Score leads and prioritize high-value prospects
  • Automatically capture information from emails and social media profiles


  • Integrate with Gmail, Office365, LinkedIn, Zapier, etc.
  • Set user roles and permissions for your team members


  • The speed of the tool drops occasionally
  • The user interface has significant room for improvement


  • Starts from $29/user/month


  • G2- 4.8/5
  • Capterra- 4.7/5

Improve Profitability With the Best Lead Management Software

Hard-earned leads can go to waste if not managed properly. This can cause a drop in your profits and put you off the course of your business growth. To effectively track and nurture these leads, you must select the most suitable lead management software.

The 15 lead management software mentioned above stand out from a long list of competitors. These applications are reliable, efficient, and scalable. However, finding the most suitable solution for your business requires you to consider your objectives and current challenges.

For instance, if you require a simple and straightforward tool that takes your lead management to the next level, you should opt for BIGContacts. This lead CRM software is highly intuitive and easy to customize, so it can work best for you.

The best lead management software will be the one that aligns with your specific business needs, offers the features that you require, and provides the best return on investment. A deep understanding of the functionality your team requires can help you find the right tool for your business and take it to the next level.

Do you want to make more sales?

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