BIGContacts is the #1 rated CRM & Email Marketing Solution for Small Business

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Ideal for startups & micro businesses.
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Get started with managing contacts and automating marketing campaigns for up to 100 contacts.
  • Unlimited Custom Fields & Tags
  • Webform Connections
  • Automated Emails, Reminders, and Alerts
Ideal for established businesses.
per month/1000 contacts
Become a pro at contact management and email marketing. Suitable for teams of any size.
  • Unlimited File Storage, Teams, Groups, Tags, and More
  • Automated Tasks, Reminders, and Emails
  • Advanced Reports
  • Group Emails
  • 1000+ contacts
    For 20K+ contacts Talk to Us

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Track All Contacts, Tasks & Calendars
Track All Contacts, Tasks & Calendars
Manage leads & grow your sales

Organize contacts efficiently and make more sales with BIGContacts – the contact management solution that does it all. Store phone numbers, email addresses, locations, photos, and job titles for contact records. View contacts, tasks, and calendars in one place and always know the next best actions to drive a lead to conversion.

  • tick BigContact 360° view of contacts
  • tick BigContact All communication & opportunities in one place
  • tick BigContact Take notes, add files & schedule meetings
  • tick BigContact Visualize leads using a sales pipeline
Segment Contacts Effectively
Create custom fields, groups & lists

Store only what matters to you with custom data fields. BIGContacts allows you to tag contacts and group them or segment them into lists for improved targeting. Access history folders for contacts from any device. Use information from your CRM system to drive personalized interactions and build meaningful connections.

  • tick BigContact Add custom fields, groups & categories
  • tick BigContact Create contact lists that update automatically
  • tick BigContact Sort using custom tags & advanced filters
  • tick BigContact Drive more targeted interactions
Designed for Simplicity & Small Teams
Designed for Simplicity & Small Teams
GDPR-compliant CRM with a simple interface

BIGContacts is a delightful software that can simplify your processes, help you create custom workflows, and grow your business. If you ever get stuck, reliable customer support is available 24/7 via chat, call, and email. This cloud-based GDPR-compliant CRM provides access to contact data anywhere, anytime.

  • tick BigContact Easily customizable workflows & modules
  • tick BigContact Share updates with your team to boost internal collaboration
  • tick BigContact Get remote access to data with mobile CRM
  • tick BigContact GDPR-compliant CRM with advanced data security features

Do you want to make more sales?

Get repeat sales with BIGContacts, the #1 CRM for small businesses.
Automate Lead Capture & Tasks
Eliminate busywork with automated workflows

Automate contacts organization with BIGContacts. Use our simple CRM software to organize contacts, follow up with prospects, and keep deals moving through your sales cycle. Along with capturing contact data automatically, BIGContacts also updates the data based on your activities and interactions. Set up automated workflows and reminders to never miss an important task.

  • tick BigContact Capture leads from web forms
  • tick BigContact Save time with templates
  • tick BigContact Automate follow-ups, tasks, & workflows
  • tick BigContact Log contact activity automatically
Delightful AI Reports & Analytics
Access valuable insights anytime, anywhere

Stay on top of things with insightful reports. Choose from a range of templates or build custom reports that can be accessed later. Monitor the performance of your contact management efforts, make accurate forecasts, and obtain valuable insights for business decisions.

  • tick BigContact Use ready-to-use or build custom reports
  • tick BigContact Save reports for future use
  • tick BigContact Monitor team & campaign performance
  • tick BigContact Sort data easily with custom filters
Create Delightful Customer Journeys
Create Delightful Customer Journeys
Personalize outreach to drive engagement

With access to all important details from one place, your team will have the context they need to create delightful customer experiences. View activity timelines, communication history, and pending tasks using BIGContacts. Set up customized drip emails to follow up with contacts more effectively. Add and edit notes for individual contact records to personalize your upcoming interactions.

  • tick BigContact Drip email campaigns to engage effectively
  • tick BigContact Stay updated with instant alerts & automated reminders
  • tick BigContact Track previous touches, preferences & online activity
  • tick BigContact Access detailed activity timelines
Improve Contact Management With Integrations
Connect your CRM with marketing & other tools

Work more efficiently by connecting BIGContacts with your favorite business tools. Two-way synchronization of data eliminates any discrepancies from your contact database. Improve productivity with bulk action and collaboration features. Manage contacts, create automated email campaigns, generate reports, and get a lot done without leaving BIGContacts.

  • tick BigContact Integrate with Outlook, Google Contacts, Mailchimp & more
  • tick BigContact Enable two-way data synchronization
  • tick BigContact Maximize productivity with automated workflows
  • tick BigContact Centralize data & operations

Everything You Need to Manage Customer Relationships

Contact Management

Centralize customer data for easy access and updates

Pipeline Tracking

Monitor the progress of opportunities through each stage


Organize your contacts for better segmentation and targeting

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive tasks to save time and improve efficiency

Drag & Drop UI

Easily customize your CRM interface without the need for coding or technical skills


Generate detailed reports on sales performance, customer interactions, and more


Streamline workflows and processes with automated actions and triggers

Free Templates

Access a library of pre-designed templates for emails, reports, and more

Data Security

Ensure the protection and confidentiality of your customer data

Our Delighted Customers

  • Transformed management of 136+ condominiums
    Implementing BIGContacts significantly improved our property management processes. It provided a centralized location for all property-related data. We can quickly access historical information of any condo unit, no matter how many times the owner has changed.
    Lynn Kramar
    Lynn Kramar,

    General Manager

  • Seamless data entry that turns chaos into clarity
    We chose to use ProProfs BIGContacts as our CRM because it allows us to import contacts on our own, eliminating the need to rely on a third party for this task. This has dramatically reduced the delay in contacting individuals who attended our presentations.
    Sennan Quigley
    Sennan Quigley,


  • Less cluttered and complicated than
    BIGContacts' impact has been transformative. My work is now efficient, organized, and collaborative. Information is readily accessible, collaboration is seamless, and remote work feels empowered. We're even better equipped to support our growth plans thanks to the platform's scalability.
    Liz Randall
    Liz Randall,

    Strategic Accounts


How can BIGContacts help me overcome contact data disorganization in my business?

BIGContacts is designed to help you manage and organize your contacts, improving communication and building long-lasting relationships. With features such as tags, contact categorization, and custom fields, you can easily search and filter your contacts to find the information you need.

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes, we do offer a free plan for up to 100 contacts.. Once you've experienced the simplicity and efficiency of our contact management platform, you have the option to upgrade to our Business plan for 100+ contacts.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time, and what is the cancellation process?

Yes, of course. BIGContacts is a pay-as-you-go service (monthly or yearly), so you can make changes whenever you need.

How responsive is your customer support?

At BIGContacts, we pride ourselves on providing 24/7 awesome human support. Our dedicated team is prepared to assist you at any time, ensuring that you receive timely, professional help whenever you need it.

Do you want to make more sales?

Get repeat sales with BIGContacts, the #1 CRM for small businesses.