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Contact management softwares are a blessing for businesses. Every business collects and stores customer data in some form and wants solutions that are easy to use.

However, using conventional methods such as spreadsheets for maintaining contact records isn’t just cumbersome. It’s also highly inefficient and leaves significant room for error. 

Therefore, contact management strategies require a powerful tool that helps organize data and enhance its accessibility. 

Seamless organization of contact data can prove to be highly beneficial for businesses. However, to get the most out of contact management, you need a tool that aligns with your requirements and delivers satisfactory outcomes. An effective contact management software can help you personalize experiences for your customers and make more sales. 

We have created a list of the 15 best contact manager software that can help organize your contact data and streamline operations. These tools provide a highly effective way to stay on top of your customer interactions and gain actionable insights into customer behavior. Discover the pros and cons of these tools to make a well-informed decision for your business. 

What is Contact Management Software?

Contact management software refers to tools used to keep contact data organized and accessible. These tools make it easy effectively to store, manage and leverage contact data. This could include the communication history, purchasing behavior, and other essential details related to your prospects and customers.

A contact management tool can provide several advantages to your business, including:

  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Improved data efficiency
  • Better team productivity levels
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduced inaccuracies and data loss
  • Better collaboration across departments

Modifying your interactions according to the customer segment that you are targeting enhances your probability of conversion.

A customer contact management system makes such targeting easy. You can easily track all previous interactions, contact information, social media or website activity, pending tasks, and any other additional notes related to prospects and customers from a single platform. 

Moreover, such tools offer detailed contact activity timelines. This allows you to obtain deep insights into your customer engagement and identify actions to help close more sales.  

Why is Contact Management Important?

It isn’t a surprise that 80% of buyers are willing to pay more if they are offered a personalized experience

So, what does it take to craft such experiences? 

This can be made easier with a contact management system. Readily accessible contact data can help businesses personalize their engagement efforts and reach out to prospects with the most relevant content. 

Here are some significant advantages that implementing the best contact manager software offers to an enterprise:

  1. Understand the needs of prospects and customers to craft more meaningful experiences. 
  2. Track all upcoming events with a comprehensive calendar view and set reminders for important tasks.
  3. Automate redundant and tedious tasks, thereby freeing up more time for focusing on strengthening customer relationships. 
  4. Customize fields, views, dashboards, processes, and workflows according to your business needs.
  5. Use reports to measure the performance of your team members and campaigns. 
  6. View contact data remotely with mobile access to get things done at the right time.  
  7. Keep contact records well-updated at all times. 
  8. Share personalized emails with contacts at the most suitable time in their buying journey. 

Overview – 15 Best Contact Management Software

Software Key Features Pricing
✔️BIGContacts 1. Drip email campaigns
2. Pipeline tracking
3. Reporting & analytics
Starts from $5/user/month
✔️Hubspot 1. Pipeline management
2. Automatic enrichment
3. Helpdesk integration
Starts from $45/user/month
✔️Bigin 1. Pipeline management
2. Workflow automation
3. Webform connection
Starts from $7/user/month
✔️Streak CRM 1. Gmail integration
2. Pipeline management
3. Activity timelines
Starts from $15/user/month
✔️Pipedrive 1. Lead management
2. Pipeline tracking
3. Reporting & analytics
Starts from $12.50/user/month
✔️Zendesk 1. Lead prospecting
2. Email tracking
3. Call analytics
Starts from $19/user/month
✔️Monday.com 1. Automated processes
2. Alerts & reminders
3. Reporting & analytics
Starts from $8/user/month
✔️Covve 1. Smart notifications
2. Business card scanner
3. Performance tracking
Starts from $9.99/user/month
✔️Salesforce 1. Marketing automation
2. Sales tracking
3. Reporting & analytics
Starts from $25/user/month
✔️Bitrix24 1. Sales Intelligence
2. Task automation
3. Pipeline tracking
Starts from $39/user/month
✔️Insightly 1. Lead routing
2. Automated processes
3. Reporting & analytics
Starts from $29/user/month
✔️Freshsales 1. Pipeline management
2. Automated sequences
3. Standard & custom reports
Starts from $15/user/month
✔️SugarCRM 1. Marketing automation
2. Lead management
3. Customizable modules
Starts from $52/user/month
✔️Nimble 1. Data Enrichment
2. Pipeline management
3. Email marketing
Starts from $19/user/month
✔️Copper CRM 1. Google Workspace integration
2. Task automation
3. Pipeline management
Starts from $25/user/month

The 15 Best Contact Manager Software Options to Consider

Effective contact management can go a long way in an organization’s success. However, you need to find the best contact management software that streamlines the process to accomplish this. Such a tool should keep the contact data organized, updated, and readily available. 

With a myriad of options available, making this decision can be challenging. 

To make this easier, we have collated a list of the 15 best contact management solutions that are worth considering: 

1. BIGContacts

BIGContacts offers exceptional contact management capabilities that help deliver more personalized experiences. It displays all contact details, previous touches, transactions, social media profiles, and upcoming activities related to your customers from a single screen. Moreover, you can add additional information with custom fields, take notes, and include Google Maps for addresses using the tool. It also provides bulk actions, further improving contact management.

Create a Remarkable CRM Strategy

Key Features:

  • Create drip email campaigns to deliver personalized emails at the right time. 
  • Automate redundant activities and task reminders. 
  • Access insightful reports to stay on top of your business operations.
  • Track deals and their associated details with a pipeline view. 
  • Manage and assign tasks effectively with the help of the calendar module. Individual team members can track their pending activities with to-do lists. 


  1. Big- $5/user/month 
  2. Bigger- $15/user/month 
  3. Biggest- $25/user/month 
  4. Enterprise- Custom pricing 


  • The software is easy-to-use and has a highly intuitive interface. 
  • Contact records are automatically populated with social media accounts. 


  • The mobile version needs improvement in performance. 
  • More advanced deduplication features are required. 

BIGContacts Reviews:
BIGContacts helps us manage our sales opportunities using a visual pipeline. We can add custom stages  to this pipeline and move the opportunities with a simple drag-and-drop interface.)G2Crowd Review

( BIGContacts helps us nurture leads easily by delivering the right message at the right time. It brings all the previous client interactions to one place, so everyone can stay updated with the last touches and optimize upcoming outreach.) – Reviews.Financesonline

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful CRM tool that automatically enriches the new contacts added to the database, helping make customer interactions more personalized. The tool can also be used to schedule and manage tasks, manage support tickets, and follow up with prospects at the right time. Besides being an excellent contact management tool, it offers valuable insights into your business processes with its powerful analytics.

HubSpot Contact Management

Key Features:

  • The universal inbox helps keep track of all conversations without switching between multiple screens. 
  • Allow prospects to schedule meetings that are automatically synchronized with your calendar.
  • Nurture more leads with personalized bulk email campaigns. 
  • The reporting dashboards allow you to track customer behavior and analyze trends. 
  • Generate more leads for your business with customizable web forms. 


Free version available 

Plans start from $45/month 


  • The visual sales pipeline allows you to stay on top of all opportunities.
  • The mobile application allows you to view relevant contact details on the go. 


  • The steep pricing structure increases the overall cost quickly. 
  • Editing email templates can be more user-friendly.

HubSpot Reviews:

( HubSpot is a simple, yet very powerful tool. On one hand, it is very easy to use for beginners. On the other hand – it provides really rich and powerful functionality for professionals. )G2Crowd Review

( Hubspot is a robust CRM that can take SMB sales operations a long way. Keeps things simple and easy to use. For advance sales analytics and marketing automation you may have to look for additional tools.) – Capterra Review

3. Bigin

Bigin by Zoho CRM is one of the best contact management software for small businesses. It helps businesses gain better control over their data. The tool offers a 360° view of your contact records, including all the previous touches and social media activity to improve engagement. It allows you to connect with your prospects via multiple channels, including email, call, and social media. The tool is a low-cost solution that works well for beginners.

Bigin Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Automate workflows and set up alerts to get tasks completed on time. 
  • Bigin offers robust pipeline management, helping you stay on top of your sales opportunities. 
  • Capture leads with the help of webforms. 
  • Assign user roles and manage permissions for your team members. 
  • Track essential business metrics with custom dashboards. 


Free for 1 user

Plans start from $7/user/month


  • The tool’s UI is simple and easy to navigate.
  • The mobile application allows you to manage contacts and deals from anywhere. 


  • Limited custom fields can be added to contact records. 
  • It is not possible to track the closing probability of deals using this tool.

Bigin Reviews:

( This compact, ideal CRM, very easy to use, automate processes, is ideal for any startup, small business or independent person who works with clients and wants to improve their follow-up and relationship processes.. )G2Crowd Review

( The Sales Pipeline is very intuitive and simple. We always pull up the Bigin Sales Pipeline on our weekly sales call as the team discusses current sales opportunities.) – Capterra Review

4. Streak

If you require a basic contact management software that functions within your Gmail account, Streak CRM is one of the most reliable options. This contact manager software provides a complete context of who you’re engaging with, including relevant contact information and previous exchanges directly from the pipeline. Streak works within your inbox, so you never lose track of important conversations with prospects and customers.

Streak Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Customize sales pipeline views and store them for future use. 
  • Put your sales processes on autopilot by automating redundant activities and task reminders. 
  • Split conversation threads to make data more organized. 
  • Get detailed activity timelines, including all interactions across multiple channels. 
  • Track upcoming tasks to ensure that you never miss out on important follow-ups. 


Free version available

Plans start from $15/user/month 


  • Get real-time notifications when contacts open emails.
  • Customize workflows to suit the unique needs of your organization.


  • The customer service needs improvement.
  • More native integrations are required to enhance the tool’s functionality. 

Streak Reviews:

( Seamless interface right inside your gmail with the CRM tools. When a customer emails you, you automatically see everything about that account from your email. )G2Crowd Review

( Overall, I love it – I am able to organize workflow & client communications in one place and that is terrific.) – Capterra Review

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive can work as an effective tool for contact management by keeping all essential data accessible from one place. You can store relevant data with custom fields, modify sales stages and keep better track of all prospects with Pipedrive. This simple contact management software has an uncomplicated drag & drop UI.  It also enables you to track all available opportunities with its visual sales pipeline.

Pipedrive Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Add notes and include comments for individual contact records. 
  • Get instant alerts and reminders for contact activities to ensure that you do not miss out on important tasks. 
  • Build and track multiple sales pipelines to stay current with all deals.
  • Eliminate busy work and achieve more efficiency by automating repetitive sales tasks such as follow-ups. 
  • Get AI-powered recommendations for deals to focus on the right prospects. 


Plans start from $12.50/user/month 


  • Pipedrive also offers multiple integration options, allowing you to manage all business operations from a single platform.
  • The UI is intuitive, making contact management more straightforward. 


  • Reporting could be more detailed and advanced. 
  • The tool requires better training resources. 

Pipedrive Reviews:

( Intuitive interface, easy to organize and customize. Use of plain language, for the most part, to describe functions and capabilities. Availability of easy-to-access resources to assist with learning about capabilities. )G2Crowd Review

( When it comes to being able to track leads and do simple follow up automations pipe drive is probably the cleanest interface outside of HubSpot and the most powerful for its money and for any beginner to even advance and everything in between the software gets the job done to track leads) – Capterra Review

6. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell can help you keep all your contact data synchronized and usable with its effective contact management services. You can use Zendesk Sell to track, manage and engage with your customers effectively. This software reduces the manual effort and time that goes into data entry by intelligently capturing essential information. Zendesk Sell’s built-in analytics and integrations can further improve its effectiveness as a contact manager software.

Zendesk Sell Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Set up automated email sequences to engage with your prospects and customers at the perfect moment.
  • Get real-time alerts when contacts open your email or take any action.
  • Use the pipeline to track where your customers stand currently and what steps can move them forwards in the sales cycle. 
  • Segment contacts into smart lists to focus on the right leads at the right time.
  • Make accurate sales forecasts and get improved visibility into the performance of your sales activities.


Plans start from $19/user/month 


  • It offers collaborative features to help your team members communicate effectively.
  • The mobile app improves contact management by providing instant access to important data, even when you’re away from your desktop.


  • Import & export of data can be challenging at times. 
  • The interface can be slightly difficult to navigate.

Zendesk Sell Reviews:

( The CRM is user-friendly and does not require many instructions. However, much assistance is available through lessons, online chat, and email. The application is adaptable.)G2Crowd Review

( I think I well described it above but it was always positive. I loved connectivity through different regions with closers and it truly made scheduling easier.) – Capterra Review

7. monday.com

monday.com can strengthen your customer relationships by making every interaction more targeted and relevant. It allows you to capture data and log it against the respective contact records automatically. With monday.com taking care of your contact data, you can rest assured about your customer experiences. This customer contact software is highly customizable, which allows you to modify workflows, processes, pipelines, etc., according to your business needs.

Monday.com Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Access contact cards to view all related tasks, documents, last touches, and upcoming events in one place.
  • The tool helps you stay on top of all customer activities and interactions with ease. 
  • Manage leads and track their current status with an intuitive sales pipeline.
  • Use custom dashboards to track the performance of your business operations. 
  • Create automated workflows to keep things moving forward effortlessly. 


Free version available

Plans start from $8/user/month 


  • It offers simple contact management with easy setup and predesigned templates so you can get started in no time.
  • Work anywhere, anytime, with the help of offline access and mobile application. 


  • The mobile application can lag in performance at times.
  • Automation could be more user-friendly.

Monday.com Reviews:

( Monday.com is like excel spreadsheets on steroids. Anything you wish you could do with spreadsheets is possible on Monday.com and intuitive as well. )G2Crowd Review

( As a benefit of using Monday.com, I can now more efficiently manage my team, having daily and monthly stand-ups and monitoring the status of our projects in real-time.) – Capterra Review

8. Covve

Covve considerably enhances your relationships with prospects and customers by ensuring that no vital communication opportunity is wasted. This personal contact management system tracks your engagement and provides insights into the most appropriate time to contact clients. This intelligent relationship management system can boost your retention by providing satisfactory and personalized experiences to every customer. Covve also allows you to set up automated reminders for important tasks and events.

Covve Contact Management

Key Features:

  • The tool notifies you when it is the right time to get in touch with contacts. 
  • Take notes for individual contacts to avoid missing out on important details. 
  • Use analytics to monitor the performance of your customer engagement efforts. 
  • Ensure the confidentiality of your data with robust security measures. 
  • Get access to industry news related to your customers. 


Free version available

Plans start from $9.99/month


  • You can easily add contacts by scanning business cards.
  • The tool’s UI is clean and intuitive. 


  • The home screen should offer more personalization options. 
  • The tool sometimes lags on android devices. 

Covve Reviews:

( Being able to customize the frequency of reminders by individual contact quickly and easily is great. )G2Crowd Review

( If your contact list is large and keeps growing, then you’ll love Covve. For me, the most important feature is the reminder to keep in touch with some of my contacts.) – Capterra Review

9. Salesforce

Salesforce brings contact and sales management together to drive more conversions for your business. Large organizations highly prefer this cloud-based solution due to its enterprise-grade functionalities. This online contact management software can be customized extensively, allowing you to adapt it however you like. You can also use Salesforce reporting and analytics to get a better hold of your business data and utilize it efficiently.

Salesforce Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Automate redundant activities to enhance the overall efficiency of business operations.
  • Enrich customer profiles with data sourced from multiple platforms. 
  • Resolve support tickets quickly to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver custom messages to contacts based on their activities. 
  • Use AI-powered recommendations to make customer experiences more targeted and relevant. 


Plans start from $25/user/month


  • All the departments of your business can collaborate seamlessly and improve customer engagement by keeping track of relevant information from a single place.
  • Track the needs and requirements of your customers and offer the most relevant solutions accordingly. 


  • The extensive customization and range of features can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • The tool has a long learning curve. 

Salesforce Reviews:

( Salesforce Sales Cloud has been essential for our Sales and Marketing team to track manage and analyze our sales pipeline. The adoption has been significantly higher than other tools used in past. )G2Crowd Review

( Overall I’ve learned that this is an essential tool in our tech stack. Without it our sales organization would not be able to operate. We are excited to continue using this tool.) – Capterra Review

10. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive platform that simplifies business contact management, customer engagement, and deal tracking. The tool makes it easy to acquire more leads and manage all interactions with these leads to close more deals. Bitrix24 also offers powerful automation features that contribute to enhanced business productivity. The tool also acts as a collaborative space for your team to track and edit documents.

Bitrix24 Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Run targeted email marketing and retargeting campaigns.
  • Capture more leads for your business with custom web forms. 
  • Set up a sales pipeline with custom stages that match your existing sales process. 
  • Use powerful analytics to track important metrics and sales channels that are the most profitable. 
  • Score leads in order to dedicate more time and resources to more critical prospects. 


Free version available

Plans start from $39/month


  • Keep deals moving forward in the pipeline with automated rules and triggers.
  • Communicate with your team more effectively with group or private chats.


  • The speed and effectiveness of technical support need improvement. 
  • The setup process can be long and complicated. 

Bitrix24 Reviews:

( Back in 2014 when I was looking for an all-in-one solution that offered calendar import and export between different platforms such as Apple iCal, Outlook and Gmail, That’s when I first came across Bitrix 24 because it was the only platform offering it. )G2Crowd Review

( Overall, working with Bitrix24 as my main project management software has really improving my team effectiveness in developing a product and increase our time spend on organizing project that has short due-date.) – Capterra Review

11. Insightly

Insightly empowers you to manage all sales, marketing, and customer service activities without leaving the platform. It works as an effective solution for businesses to optimize their customer relationships. This CRM tool can be utilized to craft comprehensive and consistent experiences that boost customer satisfaction and retention levels. It also offers reliable reporting to help you keep track of the performance of your contact management efforts.

Insightly Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Create automated workflows with multiple rules and steps. 
  • Monitor the performance of your emails, including the open and click rates. 
  • Use relationship linking to keep track of the client’s organizational structure. 
  • Manage clients on the go with a robust mobile application.
  • Ensure the security of business data with custom user roles, sign-on verification, and authorization.


Free for 2 users

Plans start from $29/user/month 


  • Create custom dashboards with drag & drop functionality. 
  • The tool automatically routes leads to the right sales representative.


  • There is no way to notify team members about tasks that they do not follow already. 
  • Some integrations only offer limited functionality. 

Insightly Reviews:

( I love the ease and user-friendly options that this CRM provides. Not all CRM’s are made the same and most can be a bit tricky… )G2Crowd Review

( Insightly CRM offers a wide range of services for our business to improve our customer services and have provided us with benefits to enhance our marketplace.) – Capterra Review

12. Freshsales

Freshsales is a comprehensive contacts management software providing a broad range of features to help streamline your business operations. With this CRM solution, you can capture leads and log activities automatically. You can also connect your email inbox with the CRM to keep all customer interactions organized and accessible. The 360° view of customer data in one place can help your team deliver more personalized service to your customers.

Freshsales Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Contact records are automatically enriched with social media profiles and publicly available information. 
  • Automate sales sequences to connect with prospects at the right time.
  • Predictive lead scoring enables you to prioritize deals effectively.
  • Make data-driven decisions with robust reporting and analytics. 
  • Get AI-based insights into your deals and suggestions for contact engagement. 


Free version available 

Plans start from $15/user/month 


  • Freshsales allows your sales and support teams to work together and deliver an improved customer experience.
  • Create multiple sales pipelines that are customized according to your needs. 


  • Customer service needs improvement.
  • It can be slow to load, which affects its performance.

Freshsales Reviews:

(Freshsales offers the best analytical and automate CRM for a sales person. It’s so intuitive platform to get on user on different channels like SMS.)G2Crowd Review

( We are too big for no CRM, but not big enough to implement the HubSpot and Salesforce CRMs of the world. We tried those systems thinking we needed the features and analytics, but the spend and maintenance for those systems are too high..) – Capterra Review

13. SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a highly customizable CRM solution that can be tailored to suit the exact needs of your team. This is one of the best contact software that allows you to automate key business processes, allowing you to achieve your goals with greater efficiency and speed. SugarCRM can be used to capture leads and qualify them. The tool also enables you to comply with security requirements for storing and managing customer data.

SugarCRM Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Create multi-step lead nurturing campaigns that allow you to close more deals.
  • Automate sales processes to boost overall productivity. 
  • Track metrics and previous performance to predict your revenue. 
  • Get complete control over your data and manage access permissions.
  • Understand customer needs, gain valuable insights, and offer reliable support experiences to boost retention levels.  


Plans start from $52/user/month 


  • The views and fields can be customized according to your needs.
  • Get real-time alerts and insights into customer accounts. 


  • The tool’s UI can be clunky. 
  • The mobile app lacks certain advanced features such as comprehensive reports.

SugarCRM Reviews:

( We are a rapidly growing business that needed an intuitive IT platform to help us provide great customer service and mix technology with a human touch.. )G2Crowd Review

( SugarCRM Community edition has been a great daily driver for my music business. It’s reliable, and has enough functionality to enable me to record all the key data that I need. ..) – Capterra Review

14. Nimble

Nimble offers a range of features that keep your contact data organized and well-updated. It brings your contact details, social media accounts, previous interactions, and upcoming appointments to a single platform, enabling you to offer better services to your customers. Along with providing a 360° account of your prospects and customers, Nimble also makes it easy to personalize your outreach efforts.

Nimble Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Contact records are enriched with essential information with the help of AI.
  • Track email open and click rates to identify your most engaged contacts. 
  • Segment contacts into lists that enhance targeting. 
  • Use reporting and analytics capabilities to track the performance of your email campaigns.
  • Get a visual representation of where every prospect stands with a sales pipeline. 


Starts from $19/user/month 


  • The reports are pretty detailed and insightful. 
  • The email templates are great for engaging with prospects at the right time.


  • The interface can be confusing for new users. 
  • The sales pipeline management needs more advanced features. 

Nimble Reviews:

( Nimble helps me manage my CRM and sales demands in various ways. It is one of the most critical weapons in my marketing arsenal, and I employ it in several ways.)G2Crowd Review

( Nimble is the best tool to use and you can reach a large number of consumers through various channels such as emails. ..) – Capterra Review

15. Copper CRM

Copper is a CRM tool that works effectively within the Google Workspace. This tool can be used for contact management for businesses that wish to keep their data synchronized across various Google applications. It enables you to track all deals and emails from a single platform. Copper also makes it easy to add new prospects and manage tasks for your team, contributing to improved overall efficiency.

Copper Contact Management

Key Features:

  • Track tasks and their associated details from your calendar. 
  • Automate recurring tasks and schedule alerts.
  • Add new contact records directly to your CRM system from Gmail or Google Calendar.
  • Set up a sales pipeline that allows you to track the progress of prospects. 
  • Use custom reports to track business metrics that carry the most relevance. 


Starts from $25/user/month


  • Use the mobile app to stay connected with your customers even when you’re out of the office. 
  • Get reminders or alerts directly in your inbox to never miss out on important tasks. 


  • It can be restrictive for businesses that do not wish to work within the Google ecosystem.
  • Creating workflow automation sequences is time-consuming and challenging.

Copper CRM Reviews:

( Copper is easy to use and intuitive for collecting data, managing relationships, and building processes to manage those relationships. )G2Crowd Review

( I’ve used a lot of CRMs, from Salesforce to Pipedrive. Copper is hands down the best. Easy to use, easy for the team to adopt but still very powerful under the hood.) – Capterra Review

Methodology for Choosing the Right Software to Manage Contacts

Every business is unique and therefore has different requirements from a CRM application. A tool that may be highly productive for one organization may fail to meet the basic needs of another. 

In simple words, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for contact management.

Before looking into contact management tools, you require a thorough understanding of your business, industry, and target market. Here are some questions to consider before searching for the best contact management system:

What is the current size of your business?

What problems does your team currently face with contact management?

What is the level of automation you are looking for?

Once you answer these questions, you can start searching for the right contact management system for your business. Here are some factors to evaluate when making the final decision:

  • Business requirements: Keep in mind your specific business needs to find a tool that aligns with your vision and goals. Choose a flexible tool that can be adapted according to your team’s requirements.
  • Pricing: Go for a tool that offers all the features you require without causing any budget overruns. You can easily find cost-effective contact management systems such as BIGContacts providing advanced features for affordable prices.
  • Simplicity: Even the most advanced features are futile if your team encounters problems using them. The tool should have an easy-to-use interface since a complicated tool will only get in the way of your business operations, leading to a drop in productivity. 
  • Scalability: Keep the future needs of your business in mind when picking a contact management system. A tool capable of growing with your business can save you time and money in the long run.

Once you find tools that check these boxes, start looking into their user reviews posted on credible sources. You can also use the free trial period that most applications offer. This can help you ascertain if the tool is right for your business before you commit to it.

Simplify Contact Management With BIGContacts!

Every business has a different scope of implementation of its tech stack.

Therefore, you must communicate with your team members and identify areas they require help with. The next step is to look into certain key features that can add to the functionality of any contact management system. These include the integrations it offers, the extent of automation it provides, its features, and its ease of usage. All of these factors can help you find the most effective contact management solution for your business.

The 15 best contact management software listed above are highly reliable solutions for managing customer data. These tools can streamline your contact management efforts, allowing you to build relationships that stand the test of time. 

A tool that effectively stands out in this list is BIGContacts. This simple yet powerful tool offers a range of features that enhance contact management. These include automatic profile enrichment, marketing automation, instant alerts, data synchronization, and comprehensive reports. This top software to manage contacts also offers features such as workflow automation that can empower your team to be more productive. All of these combine into increased revenue and accelerated business growth.

Do you want to make more sales?

BIGContacts is the #1 contact management software & CRM to close more sales.