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  • tick Unlimited Users
    Empower your team and enhance contact management by adding unlimited users to your BigContacts account. Each member can log in and manage contacts seamlessly, facilitating collaboration and efficiency within your team.
  • tick Unlimited Team and Groups
    Create as many teams or groups as you require for effective task delegation and smooth coordination. This feature is ideal for larger organizations or those with diverse departments.
  • tick Unlimited Lists
    Enhance your prospecting and follow-up strategies by creating unlimited lists to organize your contacts effectively such as by region, stage, product etc. This feature allows for tailored grouping, ensuring you stay organized and email a segment easily.
  • tick Unlimited Storage
    Keep all your contacts, files, proposals, attachments, and documents in one place. Access everything you need quickly, without ever wasting time searching.
  • tick Tags & Custom Fields
    Streamline contact management with easy organization, sorting, and filtering using tags. Use custom fields to track key details like company, interests, preferences, and birthdays, ensuring your entire team can quickly access essential information.
  • tick Forms & Data Capture
    Create custom forms or easily connect existing website form to your BIGContacts account so that every time a lead completes the form on your website, it instantly creates a new contact record in your CRM system.
  • tick Import Contacts
    Upload your existing contact data from various sources into our CRM. It ensures seamless data migration, eliminating the hassle of manually entering contact details.
  • tick Organize Contacts & Lists
    Grow your business by centralizing contact management. Track & store any information with custom fields and segment contacts via Lists based on any criteria like region, revenue, or purchase intent. Gain insights effortlessly through customizable dashboards designed to display the information you need, when you need it.
  • tick Automated Reminders & Alerts
    Never miss a follow-up or key task with automated reminders & alerts for meetings, next connect, activity, task & more.
  • tick Email Individuals & Groups
    Send direct emails to individual contacts without leaving the contact page & Allows you to filter a list of contacts and send an email to all email addresses at once.
  • tick Email Analytics
    Get in-depth insights into your email performance. Understand your audience better by examining open rates, click-through rates, and engagement metrics, and fine-tune your future email campaigns accordingly.
  • tick Email Automation
    Automate your email marketing with scheduled, targeted messages that nurture leads, engage customers and grow sales.
  • tick Customizable Sales Pipeline
    Keep track of potential sales for your clients. The Sales Pipeline will help you track and convert more opportunities into sales.
  • tick Sales Reports
    Boost sales and gain insights with engaging sales reports for people, product or company. Easily monitor your team's or any individual member's current sales activities, enhancing performance tracking and strategic planning.
  • tick Integrations
    Integrate with third party tools like Skype, Quickbooks, Outlook, Zapier, Google Calendar or use BIGContacts API for custom integrations.
  • tick Contact Management
    Grow your business by centralizing contact management. Track & store any information with custom fields and segment contacts via Lists based on any criteria like region, revenue, or purchase intent. Gain insights effortlessly through customizable dashboards designed to display the information you need, when you need it.
  • tick Track Activities & Tasks
    Stay on top of everything with easy tracking of activities, opportunities, birthdays, calendars, and recent customer or lead interactions. Receive instant alerts and reminders for key tasks and events, ensuring you and your team are always in sync and never miss a thing.
  • tick Track Sales & Opportunities
    Simplify your sales with easy progress tracking, customize your opportunity pipeline with Kanban or List views, and organize it by stage, deal size, etc. Save time and make smarter sales decisions.
  • tick Tasks & Workflows
    Add tasks for your teammates and create workflows with pre-defined steps.
  • tick Meeting reminders
    Never forget a meeting again with meeting reminders. You have a number of options as to WHO you notify, WHEN you notify them and HOW you notify them. You can even choose to have reminders sent directly to the contact that you have scheduled a meeting for!
  • tick Meeting Invitations
    Save time by easily inviting your customer or prospect to a meeting. Automate meetings reminders to boost attendance and never miss anything important.
  • tick Reports & Analytics
    Gain insights by accessing 100+ reports. Create & store custom reports based on any information or fields for enabling data-driven decisions.

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You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers

Will you help me setup my BIGContacts account?

Absolutely! We are here to help you get off to a quick and successful start with BIGContacts. We’re committed to your success with BIGContacts. In addition, we offer a number of free tools and services including, how-to videos, articles and unlimited online support to all Customers and Free trial accounts at NO additional charge. We’re always just a click away! Our experienced Customer Support representatives are available Monday – Friday (9 am – 5 pm EST) to answer your questions.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime?

Of course. BIGContacts is a pay-as-you-go service (monthly or yearly), so you can make changes whenever you need.

What happens when my 15-day free trial ends?

If you decide that BIGContacts is right for your business, you can easily upgrade to a paid account and all of your contacts and data that you entered during the free trial is preserved and ready for you to use in your paid account.

Is my data safe?

We’re fanatical about keeping your data safe and secure. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all of our web hosting and their highly secure data centers utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.