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Customizable Sales Pipeline
Customizable Sales Pipeline
Track & convert leads effortlessly

Get complete visibility into the position of each opportunity in your sales pipeline, identify roadblocks, and take the necessary steps with the best sales management solution. Customize the stages and fields according to your workflow. Move deals in the pipeline with a simple drag & drop functionality.

  • tick BigContact Customize pipeline stages & fields
  • tick BigContact Simple drag & drop interface
  • tick BigContact Monitor progress & conversion at every stage
  • tick BigContact Switch between List & Kanban view
Automate Sales Management
Reduce time spent on repetitive admin tasks

Create a winning playbook for your sales team by setting up automated sales sequences and workflows. Close more deals in less time by automating repetitive tasks, such as lead assignment, follow-ups, and data entry. Ensure more consistent processes, improved customer engagement, fewer manual errors, and enhanced productivity.

  • tick BigContact Automate lead capture, assignment & nurturing
  • tick BigContact Custom workflows with pre-defined steps
  • tick BigContact Automated email follow-ups
  • tick BigContact Schedule reminders & alerts
AI-Powered Sales Reports
Make accurate forecasts & track performance with ease

Discover trends and make informed decisions to boost your bottom line with BIGContacts sales management software. Analyze the performance of team members with detailed activity manager reports. Choose from pre-built sales reports or create custom reports using advanced filters. Export these reports or save them for later.

  • tick BigContact 100+ pre-built reports
  • tick BigContact Create custom reports as needed
  • tick BigContact Identify your star performers
  • tick BigContact Share or export reports instantly

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Get repeat sales with BIGContacts, the#1 CRM for small businesses.
Organize & Empower
Organize & Empower Your Sales Team
Tools for team collaboration & user management

Sales managers can benefit from a simple, all-in-one tool that helps manage and motivate sales representatives. With centralized access to all sales data, delegating tasks and tracking progress becomes easier. BIGContacts also enhances teamwork with customizable user roles, comments, notes, tags, calendars, and more.

  • tick BigContact Coordinate operations & share updates
  • tick BigContact Custom user roles & permissions
  • tick BigContact Assign tasks & check in regularly
  • tick BigContact Collaborate with comments, tags, notes & shared calendars

Powerful Integrations

Unify your sales data & operations with BIGContacts
  • Ontraport
  • Shopify
  • recurly
  • freshbooks
  • bexio

Everything You Need to Manage Customer Relationships

Contact Management

Centralize customer data for easy access and updates

Pipeline Tracking

Monitor the progress of opportunities through each stage


Organize your contacts for better segmentation and targeting

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive tasks to save time and improve efficiency

Drag & Drop UI

Easily customize your CRM interface without the need for coding or technical skills


Generate detailed reports on sales performance, customer interactions, and more


Streamline workflows and processes with automated actions and triggers

Free Templates

Access a library of pre-designed templates for emails, reports, and more

Data Security

Ensure the protection and confidentiality of your customer data

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Our Delighted Customers

  • Transformed management of 136+ condominiums
    Implementing BIGContacts significantly improved our property management processes. It provided a centralized location for all property-related data. We can quickly access historical information of any condo unit, no matter how many times the owner has changed.
    Lynn Kramar
    Lynn Kramar,

    General Manager

  • Seamless data entry that turns chaos into clarity
    We chose to use ProProfs BIGContacts as our CRM because it allows us to import contacts on our own, eliminating the need to rely on a third party for this task. This has dramatically reduced the delay in contacting individuals who attended our presentations.
    Sennan Quigley
    Sennan Quigley,


  • Less cluttered and complicated than
    BIGContacts' impact has been transformative. My work is now efficient, organized, and collaborative. Information is readily accessible, collaboration is seamless, and remote work feels empowered. We're even better equipped to support our growth plans thanks to the platform's scalability.
    Liz Randall
    Liz Randall,

    Strategic Accounts

Do you want to make more sales?

Get repeat sales with BIGContacts, the#1 CRM for small businesses.