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CRM & Email Marketing in One

Small business CRM & email together in one place

CRM & Email Marketing in One

Manage your prospects and customer relationships by keeping track of all contacts, calendars, and tasks in one platform. Automatically send personalized emails from your individual sales reps based on where your prospect is in your sales cycle. View all current sales activities for you and your team, and drill down to specific contacts that make up your total sales funnel.

  • Organize customers, prospects & leads
  • Track sales pipeline, stages & commissions
  • Automate marketing & sales email drips
  • 360° view of all activity

Send Sales Emails & Drips

Send email follow-ups, drips, & more to make more sales

Send Sales Emails & Drips

BIGContacts is designed for small teams and makes email marketing easy. It’s the only tool that combines CRM and email marketing in one place. You can nurture relationships with automatic email drips that adjust based on contact behavior or stage in the sales cycle. All this will help you capture more leads, convert more sales, and retain more customers.

  • The only tool with CRM & email in one
  • Nurture relationships with email drips
  • Send personalized, customized emails
  • Compound sales ROI with emails

Automate Sales Email Campaigns

Save time & keep in touch with automatic emails

Automate Sales Email Campaigns

Sales campaigns are easy with automated emails. Set customized campaigns to automatically send the right email at the right time. Automate lead follow-ups and nurture leads all the way through the sales funnel. Adjust based on whether a contact clicks on a certain link in an email, replied previously, or enters a new stage of the sales cycle.

  • Send the right email at the right time
  • Automatic follow-ups & nurturing
  • Trigger emails based on contact’s action or key dates
  • Save time, generate conversations & grow sales

All Emails in One Place

Send using any email software or from BIGContacts

Send Sales Emails & Drips

Send emails directly from BIGContacts or through any other email program. This means that your contact database is always up-to-date and all emails stay in one place. You will always know what’s going on with a contact, and all emails stay with a contact for anyone to view. No more searching through email inboxes to find important communication.

  • Always know what’s going on with a contact
  • All emails automagically stay with a contact
  • Never lose an email again
  • Respond from your favorite email tool or BIGContacts

Integrates with Email Marketing Software

You can send emails directly within BIGContacts or integrate with many popular Email Marketing platforms.

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