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24 Email Sequence Software to Craft Winning Marketing Campaigns

When email is the primary mode of your business communication, missed follow-ups can affect your success.

So, what can you do to ensure that the right opportunity to deliver emails never goes amiss?

It’s pretty simple- by crafting effective email sequences.

Email sequences involve a series of automated emails that are delivered based on set criteria. These could include welcome or onboarding emails, nurturing series, or re-engagement sequences. 

While these sequences can help relay information to the recipients at the most appropriate, it is crucial to ensure that you do not spend the entire day writing and sending out these emails. This can be accomplished with a powerful email marketing tool that lets you craft and manage sequences effortlessly.

It’s high time you ditch the manual way of sending out every email individually and automate the process using a powerful tool. To help you find such an effective solution, we have put together a list of the 24 best email sequence software and compared their features and pricing.

Let’s get right into it!

Features to Look for in Email Sequence Software

Following is a checklist of features that can help you find the most effective solution out of the range of email sequencing tools available today.

1. Automation

Emails that are triggered have an average open rate of 35.64% and a click-through rate of 5.31%.

Automation can help you hit your targets quickly and easily. Choose a tool that lets you automate your email sequences, so you can reach out to contacts without delay or inconsistency.

CRM that offers automation

2. Templates

An effective email sequence software should eliminate redundancy from your operations. For this, the tool should enable you to create templates that can save time and standardize your outreach.

Furthermore, the tool should provide a library of email sequence templates to help you start creating your email campaigns.

3. Reporting 

Staying updated with the performance of your ongoing campaigns can provide you with valuable insights into improving future campaigns.

Choose a tool that offers A/B testing, reporting templates, and a comprehensive analytics dashboard. Such advanced reporting functionality can keep you updated with relevant email performance metrics and help you make the most out of every interaction.

4. Segmentation

To drive better results for your email marketing sequences, you must ensure that the right message is reaching your target audience. 

Segmented mailing lists can help you deliver the most relevant information to your prospects and customers. You can use such lists to keep track of your recipient’s preferences and previous interactions.

An Overview of the Best Email Sequence Tools 

Before we get started with a detailed comparison of the 24 best email sequence tools, here is an overview of our top picks from this list.


Key Features Pricing
BIGContacts Automated workflows
Contact management
Reporting & analytics
Starts from $5/user/month
GMass Recurring emails
A/B tests
Conditional logic
Starts from $19.95/month
Mailshake Email validation
Engagement analytics
A/B tests
Starts from $44/user/month
HubSpot Contact segmentation
A/B tests
Built-in analytics
Starts from $45/month
Yesware Gmail, Outlook integration
Template library
Engagement analytics
Starts from $15/user/month
EngageBay Pre-built templates
Contact segmentation
Performance tracking
Starts from $11.99/user/month
Active Campaign Drag & drop editor
Detailed reports
Predictive analytics
Starts from $29/month
AWeber Email templates
Drag & drop interface
Reporting & analytics
Starts from $18.75/month
ConvertKit Automated rules
Delivery scheduling
Email templates
Starts from $9/month
Nutshell Response tracking
Email templates
Segmented lists
Starts from $16/user/month
Woodpecker Automated follow-ups
A/B tests
Engagement tracking
Starts from $40/month/slot
Reply.io Email & sequence templates
A/B tests
Real-time notifications
Starts from $50/month
Mixmax Performance tracking
Notifications & reminders
Automated rules
Starts from $9/user/month
SmartReach.io A/B tests
Mailing list management
Email validation
Starts from $19/user/month
Respona Email templates
Reporting & analytics
AI-powered insights
Starts from $79/month

Top 24 Email Sequence Software for 2023

Let’s explore the salient features and pricing of the 24 best email sequence software that can accelerate your business growth by enhancing your outreach efforts.

1. BIGContacts

marketing automation

BIGContacts is a dynamic CRM offering marketing automation functionality to help you create highly engaging email sequences. The tool can be used to deliver personalized drip emails to prospects and customers based on their preferences and position in the sales cycle. BIGContacts is easy to use, customizable, and highly affordable. 

BIGContacts Key Features:

  • Find all essential information, including contact details, previous touches, upcoming tasks, notes, social media accounts, etc., related to contacts in one place and deliver highly personalized emails. 
  • Automate drip marketing sequence to reach out to customers at the most appropriate time. BIGContacts lets you automate follow-ups, reminders, and recurring tasks, helping avoid any unnecessary delays.
  • Deliver mass emails to your customers, set up autoresponders, and define custom triggers for your email sequences to ensure that you are providing the most relevant information at the right time. 
  • Create segmented lists of recipients to improve your targeting efforts. These contacts lists can be static (requiring manual updates) or dynamic (updated automatically).
  • Monitor the performance of your email campaigns with insightful reports. Track important metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribes for your emails.

BIGContacts Pricing:

  • Big- $5/user/month 
  • Bigger- $15/user/month 
  • Biggest- $25/user/month 
  • Enterprise- Custom pricing 

BIGContacts Rating: 4.3/5 on Capterra (203 reviews)

2. GMass


If you require a tool that lets you craft automated email sequences within your Gmail account, GMass can be a reliable option. You can use it to create targeted mailing lists and improve engagement using automated emails. This tool also offers a comprehensive reporting dashboard that allows you to optimize future campaigns based on current performance.

GMass Key Features:

  • Use personalization and conditional logic to make the email sequences more relevant to the target audience. Improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns further with behavior tracking and segmentation.
  • Craft drip email campaigns to engage with your audience at the right time. GMass lets you define custom triggers for automated follow-ups, send emails in bulk, and schedule the delivery of emails for later. 
  • Keep track of email opens, replies, clicks, unsubscribes, etc., with campaign analytics. Access this reporting data remotely or share it with other team members easily to improve future campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • Set up recurring emails, manage your mailing lists, send transactional emails, deliver reminders, and reply to emails, all without leaving your Gmail account.
  • Perform A/B tests to discover what performs well with your audience. Split your campaigns to identify the most effective variation and deliver to your contacts automatically.

GMass Pricing:

Starts from $19.95/month

GMass Rating: 4.8/5 on Capterra (827 reviews)

3. Mailshake


Mailshake helps you convert more leads into customers by enhancing your prospecting and outreach efforts. It lets you engage with prospects and customers more effectively using automated email campaigns. Mailshake offers mail merge for personalizing emails, email warm-up, and spam score detection for improving deliverability. It also offers numerous native and third-party integrations.

Mailshake Key Features:

  • Automate email campaigns to engage with leads and customers without any unnecessary delays. Improve engagement and response by adapting your automation sequence as per the likes and schedule of the recipients.  
  • Include personalized links, text, etc., in your emails to make them more valuable and relevant to your contacts. Identify the most engaged customers and optimize your interactions accordingly.
  • The tool ensures high deliverability using email validation, spam score detection, DNS setup, and much more to ensure that the emails do not end up in the spam folders of your recipients’ inboxes.
  • Use the Chrome extension to acquire more leads from anywhere on the web and convert them into customers using personalized and automated email campaigns. 
  •  Keep track of open rate, click-throughs, and replies for your email campaigns. Perform A/B tests to identify what works well with your target audience and optimize upcoming email sequences accordingly. 

Mailshake Pricing:

Starts from $44/user/month 

Mailshake Rating: 4.7/5 on Capterra (96 reviews)

4. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot offers powerful marketing tools, allowing you to deliver personalized emails at scale. The tool can be utilized to attract the right audience and convert them into loyal customers using automated email marketing. HubSpot also offers visibility into your business performance, so you can keep track of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Key Features:

  • Find all the relevant customer data in one place to drive more contextual interactions. Personalize email sequences to create engaging experiences for your prospects and customers. 
  • Track email performance with powerful built-in analytics. Create customized dashboards to help everyone in your team stay up to date with marketing data.
  • Carry out A/B testing for variations of your email marketing campaigns and get actionable insights into improving upcoming outreach. 
  • Score leads and nurture them effectively using automated email sequences. Perform bulk email actions to save time. 
  • Segment contacts to deliver more targeted emails. Craft more engaging and mobile-optimized emails using the easy-to-use editor. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub Pricing:

Free plan available 

Paid plans start from $45/month

HubSpot Marketing Hub Rating: 4.5/5 on Capterra (4814 reviews)

5. Klenty


Klenty lets you run and manage your outreach across multiple channels. The platform allows you to personalize your email outreach based on the likes and interests of your prospects and customers. With Klenty, you can track the opens, replies, bounces, etc., for your emails and manage your mailing lists accordingly. 

Klenty Key Features:

  • Create automated sequences to reach out to contacts when the time is right. Reduce manual work and increase the overall organizational efficiency with powerful automation. 
  • Improve the deliverability score of your email sequences with features such as domain tracking, email address authentication, and unsubscribe links.
  • Get data-driven insights into your email campaigns with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. A/B test subject lines, CTAs, etc., to enhance the productivity of your email campaigns.  
  • Detect the actions and intent of your prospects to move them to the most relevant email cadence. Prioritize your contacts efficiently and never miss out on important opportunities. 
  • Connect the tool with your preferred CRM system to improve your outreach campaigns. Keep data synchronized between both platforms with ease. 

Klenty Pricing:

Starts from $35/user/month 

Klenty Rating: 4.8/5 on Capterra (33 reviews)

6. Yesware


Yesware lets you drive engaging email outreach campaigns by integrating with your Gmail or Outlook accounts. The tool also makes it easy to track and log email activity, so you get complete control over your outreach campaigns. Yesware provides real-time notifications for email opens and clicks, helping you stay informed at all times.

Yesware Key Features:

  • Create automated email sequences that are tailored to your target audience. Use dynamic fields to customize your emails and make them more relevant to your prospects and customers.
  • Import contact lists from your CRM system. Automate activity logging in your CRM so you always stay on top of your outreach efforts. 
  • Get complete visibility into which prospects received and engaged with your email sequences. Identify the most effective time to follow up with prospects. 
  • Choose from a library of ready-to-use templates or save your well-performing emails for future use. Pull these emails directly into your inbox to save time and effort. 
  • Integrate the tool with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Gmail, etc., to improve your business outreach. Synchronize your emails and calendar to ensure that you never miss out on important meetings or follow-ups.

Yesware Pricing:

Free plan available 

Paid plans start from $15/user/month 

Yesware Rating: 4.3/5 on Capterra (166 reviews)

7. Outreach


Outreach is a sales engagement tool that can be utilized for streamlining workflows and enhancing engagement. The tool combines automation with AI, helping you make the most out of your engagement efforts. It helps you make adjustments to your strategy and campaigns in real-time, so there is no disconnect between your business and the target audience. 

Outreach Key Features:

  • With A/B testing for your outreach, you can ensure that the most effective emails are delivered to your prospects and customers.  
  • Get AI-powered insights into customers that add value to your email outreach campaigns. The tool offers revenue intelligence and forecasting to help eliminate guesswork from your operations.
  • Simplify and automate your workflow to free up more time for engaging with prospects and customers. Prioritize important tasks and opportunities. 
  • Use proven email templates to conserve time and increase productivity. 
  • Track the engagement levels of your prospects and customers to trigger the right outreach campaigns. Use AI-powered sentiment analysis to enhance your response rates. 

Outreach Pricing:

Available on request 

Outreach Rating: 4.5/5 on Capterra (260 reviews)

8. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight helps free up the time that goes into repetitive administrative tasks. The tool improves your prospecting and helps you deliver emails at scale, so you can enhance your engagement levels. Bring customer data into your inbox and improve customer loyalty by creating more personalized experiences. 

Cirrus Insight Key Features:

  • Save and reuse high-performing emails as templates. Link these templates with your CRM database to personalize them automatically. 
  • Track if the prospects received, opened, or clicked on the links in your emails. Get actionable insights into improving email performance.
  • Send mass emails to scale your outreach efforts. Include personalized meeting booking links in your emails to make it easier for prospects and customers to schedule meetings. Keep this information synchronized with your calendar.
  • Customize email sequences according to your target audience. Use merge and tag fields in your emails to further enhance personalization. 
  • Notify your team members when you send out email sequences. Send emails or book appointments on behalf of your team members using Cirrus Insight.

Cirrus Insight Pricing:

Starts from $10/user/month 

Cirrus Insight Rating: 4.2/5 on Capterra (107 reviews)

9. EngageBay

EngageBay lets you craft highly engaging email sequences to identify qualified prospects and nurture them into customers. This CRM tool with marketing automation offers an easy-to-use email editor, allowing you to modify your emails to suit your brand image and customer preferences.

EngageBay Key Features:

  • Improve follow-ups with automated email sequences. Send well-timed emails to improve your outreach efforts and drive better revenue growth for your business. 
  • Get a 360° view of contact records. Use this data to personalize emails and make them more relevant to your target audience.
  • Choose from a range of pre-built templates to get started with your email campaigns quickly. Use a drag-and-drop editor for formatting your emails. 
  • Segment your mailing list effectively with advanced filters and ensure that the right audience is targeted with your email sequences. 
  • Track the performance of email campaigns and use the insights gathered to drive more impactful campaigns. 

EngageBay Pricing:

Free plan available 

Paid plans start from $11.99/user/month

EngageBay Rating: 4.6/5 on Capterra (229 reviews)

10. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign offers email marketing tools that enhance customer experiences and help you build stronger relationships. The tool lets you create email series for attracting, nurturing, and retaining clients. It helps personalize your email sequences to drive better engagement. The tool offers powerful automation capabilities and lets you stay updated with campaign performance.

ActiveCampaign Key Features:

  • Automate email sequences to be delivered based on defined triggers such as website visits or purchase intent. You can schedule the email delivery for a later time or set up autoresponders using ActiveCampaign.
  • Provide the most relevant information to subscribers with efficient segmentation and dynamic content. Create groups based on any filter of your choice and deliver targeted emails to them. 
  • Craft engaging emails using the tool’s drag and drop editor. Modify various attributes of the email campaigns to create highly effective sequences. 
  • Use insightful reports to track the performance of your email campaigns. Split test emails to find out what performs well with your target audience. 
  • Improve your email deliverability with authentication, domain verification, spam check, and predictive analytics. 

ActiveCampaign Pricing:

Starts from $29/month

ActiveCampaign Rating: 4.6/5 on Capterra (1662 reviews)

11. AWeber


AWeber is an email marketing solution that lets you connect with prospects and customers efficiently. It helps automate email delivery, so you land in your contacts’ inboxes at the right time. Moreover, AWeber ensures a high deliverability score for your email campaigns with end-to-end delivery.

AWeber Key Features:

  • Craft professional-grade emails that capture the attention of the recipients. Use the tool’s drag and drop interface and the built-in designer to create campaigns with ease. 
  • Choose from pre-built email templates to get started with your email marketing campaign creation. Modify these templates according to your needs.
  • Schedule emails to engage with prospects and customers at the perfect moment. Automate your follow-ups and other repetitive tasks to free up more time for building stronger relationships with customers.
  • Use tagging and segmentation to improve email targeting. Deliver information that is valid, useful, and personalized. 
  • Get insights into the performance of your email sequence with reporting and analytics. Choose from a library of report templates. 

AWeber Pricing:

Free plan available 

Paid plans start from $18.75/month 

AWeber Rating: 4.4/5 on Capterra (207 reviews)

12. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is a comprehensive marketing solution that can help you grow your online presence and increase your revenue. You can acquire more leads for your business with landing pages and email sign-up forms created using ConverKit. The tool also enables you to automate email marketing, so you can boost engagement and build stronger relationships.

ConvertKit Key Features:

  • Use the tool’s intuitive interface and powerful email editor to craft highly engaging emails. Alternatively, you can get started with ease by simply picking one of the pre-built templates. 
  • Create automated series of emails and include custom triggers to ensure that targeted emails are delivered to the recipients based on their activity as they progress through the funnel.  
  • Deliver bulk and targeted emails using ConvertKit. Select a group of recipients using advanced filters to send out your broadcast emails. Use tags to improve contact segmentation. 
  • Schedule your emails to be delivered later and ensure that they are perfectly timed. You can create custom email flows using automated rules and edit your form or sequences with ease.
  • Monitor the engagement levels of your emails in order to improve upcoming campaigns. Use graphs to get quick insights into the performance of your email sequences and identify areas for improvement.

ConvertKit Pricing:

Free plan available 

Paid plans start from $9/month

ConvertKit Rating: 4.7/5 on Capterra (150 reviews)

13. Snov.io


Snov.io can be an effective choice for businesses that need an easy-to-use tool for scaling their email outreach efforts. The tool lets you automate lead generation and follow-up emails in order to improve engagement and productivity. You can use Snov.io to create email sequences for onboarding, nurturing, re-engagement, etc. 

Snov.io Key Features:

  • Craft effective drip email campaigns easily using a drag and drop interface. Access a large template library to get started quickly. 
  • Personalize email sequences using contact information and behavior tracking. Collect information to enrich your emails and engage with them using a variety of channels, including social media.
  • Perform A/B tests and use real-time engagement analytics to optimize ongoing and future campaigns. Stay updated with metrics such as opens, clicks, replies, etc. 
  • Collect more leads, verify emails, and close more deals. You can also use Snov.io to find out what tech stack your clients are using.
  • Carry out bulk email searches, store notes for contact records, and send automated follow-ups. Use multiple native and third-party integrations to manage all aspects of your email marketing campaigns from a single platform.

Snov.io Pricing:

Free plan available 

Paid plans start from $33/month

Snov.io Rating: 4.6/5 on Capterra (121 reviews)

14. Nutshell


Nutshell is a CRM solution with sales and marketing automation that can let you scale your email outreach and convert more leads into long-term customers. The tool lets you create and manage your mailing lists effectively, helping you craft highly personalized email sequences for your contacts. 

Nutshell Key Features:

  • Create one-on-one drip email campaigns that are personalized to suit the needs of your target audience. Automate email delivery by defining custom triggers within your workflow.
  • Track the open and reply rates for email sequences to identify how your recipients are engaging with them. Detect if you are spamming your audience to keep your sending credibility intact.
  • Set up email templates and placeholders to save time. These can save you from re-writing the same emails over and over again, helping save a lot of time and effort. 
  • Use filters to create segmented lists and deliver highly targeted emails to these groups. You can also manage your mailing lists and keep them well-updated using the tool’s native integrations with Constant Contact and Mailchimp.
  • Schedule the deployment of email sequences to match your sales cycle, ensuring that the right nurturing content is delivered to prospects based on the stage they are currently in.

Nutshell Pricing:

Starts from $16/user/month 

Nutshell Rating: 4.2/5 on Capterra (371 reviews)

15. Woodpecker


Woodpecker is a cold email and sales automation tool that lets you drive better outreach campaigns. Use the tool to personalize your interactions with prospects and customers. Woodpecker lets you automate various manual tasks from your email workflows, so you can be more productive with your time.

Woodpecker Key Features:

  • Send out cold emails to acquire more leads and automate follow-ups. Modify your email sequences based on conditional logic and how your audience engages with emails. 
  • Ensure high deliverability by enhancing your sender reputation with email warm-up and avoiding spam with bounce shields. Monitor your sending credibility using the tool and make necessary adjustments to your strategy. 
  • Integrate the tool with a variety of business applications, including HubSpot, Calendly, Slack, etc., to improve your email outreach efforts. 
  • A/B test different variations of your emails to identify what performs the best with your target audience. Modify the subject, introduction, CTAs, etc., based on these split tests.  
  • Track if the recipients have received and opened your emails or clicked on the links included in your emails. Such metrics allow you to monitor current performance and optimize future campaigns based on gathered insights. 

Woodpecker Pricing:

Starts from $40/month/slot

Woodpecker Rating: 4.7/5 on Capterra (28 reviews)

16. Reply.io


Reply.io is a sales prospecting and outreach tool that lets you automate emails to acquire more leads and convert them into long-term customers. The tool lets you create multi-channel sequences, allowing you to stay connected with prospects and customers. Reply.io offers several native and third-party integrations, so you can manage all your emails from a single platform.

Reply.io Key Features:

  • Use email and sequence templates to save time. Get suggestions based on the activity and replies from your recipients and optimize further outreach accordingly.
  • Track the performance of email campaigns with advanced reporting and analytics. Perform A/B tests to improve the effectiveness of your email sequences. 
  • Leverage AI to check your emails and improve their chances of eliciting a response from the recipients. Get real-time notifications and schedule reminders to never miss out on important emails. 
  • Use conditional logic and dynamic content to deliver more targeted content to your contacts. Segment recipients effectively to deliver hyper-personalized email sequences. 
  • Improve team collaboration for email campaigns by providing your team members with a unified list of recipients and interactions. Define user access roles and track the performance of individual team members.

Reply.io Pricing:

Starts from $50/month 

Reply.io Rating: 4.6/5 on Capterra (94 reviews)

17. Overloop


Overloop is an automation platform that lets you enhance your outbound campaigns to grow your revenue. The tool offers cold emails, LinkedIn outreach, and sales pipeline automation to help you grow your sales leads. It also enables you to convert these leads into customers using personalized emails and experiences. 

Overloop Key Features:

  • Build your mailing lists and enrich them with relevant information from sources such as LinkedIn to improve your personalization efforts. Collect leads from anywhere using the Chrome extension.
  • Track and analyze the performance of your email campaigns and use the information to improve your upcoming interactions. Monitor opens, clicks, bounces, replies, etc., for every email that you send out.
  • Run multi-channel engagement campaigns from the same platform. Manage all your conversations from a single place using a shared inbox.
  • Set up templates, improve team collaboration with notes, manage tasks and create automated workflows. Forecast revenue and connect the tool with your LinkedIn account to improve prospecting and outreach. 
  • Use powerful contact management and dynamic segmentation to improve targeting. Add custom fields to contact records and automatically enrich these records.

Overloop Pricing:


Overloop Rating: 4.0/5 on Capterra (1 review)

18. PersistIQ


PersistIQ is an email automation platform that can help you create highly engaging outreach campaigns and manage them seamlessly. The tool lets you build engaging email sequences with ease. PersistIQ is an intuitive tool that allows you to manage your prospect database efficiently and leverage insights to improve outreach efforts.  

PersistIQ Key Features:

  • Run effective outbound campaigns and automate follow-ups to boost your engagement levels. Define custom triggers that keep leads moving forward in your email campaigns. 
  • Filter contacts as per any criteria and create highly segmented lists to create more personalized email campaigns. 
  • Manage your prospects effectively. Use custom data fields, import contacts easily, and keep data synchronized with your CRM system.
  • Create and use templates for your email sequences. Perform A/B testing to analyze the performance of various email campaigns. 
  • Track the open rates, click-throughs, replies, etc., for your email campaigns. Discover the best time to send out your emails and monitor your team’s performance with ease.

PersistIQ Pricing:

Starts from $59/user/month

PersistIQ Rating: 4.0/5 on Capterra (22 reviews)

19. Mixmax


Mixmax works within Gmail to help boost your engagement. The tool eliminates busywork from your processes using powerful automation. It lets you send well-timed emails, allowing you to drive better engagement results. Mixmax helps create automated workflows and rules, so you can interact with prospects and customers more effectively.

Mixmax Key Features:

  • Craft email sequences that offer highly personalized experiences to prospects and customers. Schedule these emails to be delivered at the most appropriate time.
  • Track email performance and engagement levels by tracking essential metrics. Get insights into how to improve your email campaigns and garner more attention from your prospects and customers. 
  • Set up notifications and reminders to always stay on top of your interactions. Get real-time visibility into how recipients engage with your emails. 
  • Access CRM data using a sidebar to create well-targeted emails. Integrate the tool with applications such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, Twitter, Dropbox, etc. 
  • Use automation to enhance your customer engagement. Set up automated rules with custom triggers to ensure that the most relevant emails are reaching your customers at the right time.

Mixmax Pricing:

Free plan available 

Paid plans start from $9/user/month 

Mixmax Rating: 4.5/5 on Capterra (179 reviews)

20. Autoklose


Autoklose is a sales engagement tool that helps you gather more prospects and engage with them to convert them into brand advocates. The tool lets you scale your email outreach, helping you acquire a better position in the marketplace. Autoklose also lets you monitor the performance of your emails in real-time, so you can make the necessary adjustments immediately. 

Autoklose Key Features:

  • Send out tailored email sequences and automate email follow-ups to drive better engagement with your prospects and customers. Use the powerful editor to craft highly effective email campaigns. 
  • Use email sequence templates to get started with your campaigns quickly and easily. A/B test variations of these sequences to identify winning campaigns. 
  • Get access to a detailed reporting dashboard that allows you to track the performance of email campaigns to refine upcoming campaigns. Stay updated with opens, click-throughs, and replies for your email sequences.
  • Manage your contact data efficiently. Leverage the contact management capabilities of the tool to improve personalization and get better engagement for your emails.
  • Work with your team to craft more engaging emails. Collaborate with team members and monitor their individual performance.

Autoklose Pricing:

Starts from $49.99/user/month 

Autoklose Rating: 4.5/5 on Capterra (93 reviews)

21. SmartReach.io


SmartReach.io is an outreach platform that can help you create effective and engaging email sequences. Use visual dashboards and progress bars to analyze the performance of these campaigns. SmartReach.io lets you automate and personalize email outreach, so you can build more credibility and earn customer loyalty. 

SmartReach.io Key Features:

  • Craft automated series of emails and edit or pause them automatically based on replies. A/B test email sequences to identify what drives better responses from your target audience.
  • Use merge tags to improve personalization for your email sequences. Integrate the tool with your personal email account provider to send emails with your credentials.
  • Improve collaboration with a shared inbox which makes it easier for team members to work on replies and avoid any delay in responses. Set reminders, assign user roles, and track the activity of individual team members.
  • Keep your emails from ending up in the spam folder of your recipients with email warm-up, spam score detection, email validation, etc. 
  • Manage your mailing list and keep it well-organized using advanced filters. Access detailed activity feeds to track how prospects and customers engage with your emails.

SmartReach.io Pricing:

Starts from $19/user/month

SmartReach.io Rating: 4.8/5 on Capterra (8 reviews)

22. SalesHandy


SalesHandy lets you create cold email sequences to generate more leads and nurture them into profitable customers. The tool offers powerful mail merge, automated follow-ups, and A/B testing. SalesHandy keeps your deliverability high with email warm-up and bounce shields. Track all your emails from a single platform by integrating the tool with Gmail and Outlook.

SalesHandy Key Features:

  • Craft personalized and automated drip emails to improve your email engagement. Use custom fields and tags to improve personalization for your follow-up emails. 
  • Create and store templates to avoid the hassle of re-writing the same emails. Get real-time writing suggestions to further improve your email performance.
  • Track your email health score, team activity, and overall campaign performance using the tool’s powerful reporting functionality. You can also perform A/B tests for your email sequences using SalesHandy.
  • Schedule multi-step email sequences to improve lead nurturing. Set up triggers for follow-ups to ensure that the right information is relayed across at the right time.
  • Avoid spamming your recipients with email deliverability best practices. Improve your open rate with email previews for the recipients.

SalesHandy Pricing:

Free plan available 

Paid plans start from $9/user/month 

SalesHandy Rating: 4.5/5 on Capterra (116 reviews)

23. Vocus.io


Vocus.io is an email outreach tool that lets you personalize and automate your campaigns, helping boost their overall engagement. The tool enables you to generate detailed reports to track campaign performance and share them with other team members to keep everyone on the same page regarding the effectiveness of your email sequences.  

Vocus.io Key Features:

  • Automate email follow-ups and personalize them to drive better customer engagement. Launch multi-step email campaigns to keep your prospects and customers engaged.
  • Schedule email campaigns and appointments from the same platform. Keep data seamlessly in sync with your CRM system.
  • Send personalized emails in bulk, include attachments, and deliver reminders, to enhance your email outreach efforts. Edit or pause your ongoing campaigns as per your needs.
  • Integrate the tool with Gmail to send emails using your credentials, without you having to do so manually. 
  • Get access to detailed campaign analytics, including email opens, clicks, and replies. A/B test your email campaigns to identify attributes that perform well with your target audience.

Vocus.io Pricing:

Starts from $5/month

Vocus.io Rating: 4.3/5 on Capterra (12 reviews)

24. Respona


Respona is a powerful tool for garnering more traffic for your business with the help of link building and personalized outreach campaigns. The automation capabilities of the tool enable you to grow your business without spending a lot of time crafting emails. You can use the tool to automate your drip email campaigns and add a personalized touch to each email.

Respona Key Features:

  • Craft custom email sequences and automate follow-ups to improve your business outreach. Scale your email campaigns with powerful automation and efficient personalization. 
  • Import your prospect list into the tool and use the tool’s data enrichment capabilities to fill any gaps that you may have. Personalize emails with AI-powered insights and connect with prospects via social media platforms to build stronger relationships.  
  • Choose from a range of high-performing templates to get started with your email campaigns quickly and easily. 
  • Access a shared inbox to make it easier for your team to work and manage responses together. Use a centralized dashboard to keep track of all interactions and manage relationships effortlessly. 
  • Track the performance of your email campaigns using the built-in reporting capabilities of the tool. Use these reports to identify winning opportunities for your email campaigns and adapt future sequences accordingly.

Respona Pricing:

Starts from $79/month

Respona Rating: 4.9/5 on G2 (36 reviews)

Level up Your Marketing With the Right Email Sequence Software

The 24 email sequence software mentioned above are all highly recommended solutions that can refine your email outreach and help you be more productive. These tools can ascertain that your email sequences produce the desired results without taking a huge chunk of your time. 

To choose the most effective solution out of these 24 choices, you must be mindful of your unique business needs. Take into account the affordability and customizability of the tool. Invest in a flexible tool that offers powerful automation features to create email sequences that support every step of your customer journeys.

One tool that effectively stands out in the above-mentioned list is BIGContacts. The CRM software enables email marketing, helping you bring customer data and emails to a unified place. This empowers you to create sequences that not only share information but set the course for long-lasting and profitable relationships.  

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