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BIGContacts is the #1 rated CRM & Email Marketing Solution for Small Business


  • Melanie P
    Melanie P,

    Sales Manager

    Robust, easy to use and has the best support
    BIGContacts seems to be the best way to extract data, contact information has all the addresses, tasks, and notes in one place, making it easier for everyone to keep track of what is going on with each company.
  • John G
    John G,

    Sales Director,
    Leisure, Travel & Tourism

    All the important functionality without the expense
    BIGContacts is simple to use and has all the important functionality we need without a lot of unnecessary functions that make other applications more complicated and expensive.
  • David H
    David H,

    Consumer Goods

    Less cluttered and complicated than
    I have always felt is too complex and has information not required cluttering the interface. BIGContacts is clean and easy to use making staff more effective.
  • Chuck Gantz
    Chuck Gantz,

    Corporate Accounts Manager

    Increase sales and lower the sales cycle
    BIGContacts has delivered everything we needed and more. One of the most valuable aspects is tracking for both history and emails. This program offers many utilities and options to increase sales and lower the sales cycle. I highly recommend this product.
  • Laurie W
    Laurie W,

    Small Business Consultant

    Any business operator will benefit
    It's web-based, which means my data is available from any internet-connected device. Great help and technical support when required. Any business operator will benefit from BIGContacts CRM.
  • Brian Maguire
    Brian Maguire,


    The customization is great
    I needed to be able to track each candidate's progress through the sales cycle. BIGContacts is great because I was able to customize many parts of the system to fit my needs. You can create fields that specifically fit your business needs and add several users and control the amount of access each user has in the system.

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BIGContacts by ProProfs is easy to use and is backed by awesome support.

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