CPE Plus LLC is a woman-owned company headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with a commitment to providing exceptional service and quality to its customers. Established in 2003, they boast over 19 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, specializing in testing, diagnosis, repair, and replacement of out-of-warranty broadband telecom products primarily used in consumer premises. Their dedication to client satisfaction and focus on innovative solutions have helped them establish a strong reputation within the industry.


CPE Plus, a leading telecom service provider, faced challenges managing customer data and communication efficiently. Their previous system lacked key features, making it difficult for remote workers like Liz to access crucial information and collaborate effectively.

"Imagine my frustration, when researching non-customers or dealing with frequent industry name changes. Relying on an incomplete system felt like working uphill in the dark." explains Liz, Strategic Sales representative.


After evaluating various options, BIGContacts emerged as the clear winner. Its affordability, user-friendliness, and robust features were exactly what we needed. Here's how BIGContacts made a difference:

State filtering: No more scrambling to remember where companies were located. Searching by state streamlined my outreach efforts, saving me precious time and energy.

Detailed notes: Gone were the days of digging through emails for information. Now, I could record everything from equipment used to past projects, ensuring everyone had the knowledge needed to succeed.

Task management: Staying on top of my to-do list became effortless with automated reminders. Delegating tasks and holding myself accountable was a breeze, freeing up mental space for strategic thinking.

Custom categories: We weren't limited by pre-defined options. BIGContacts allowed us to personalize categories to our specific needs, making data organization more intuitive and relevant for our work.

Shared email templates: Drafting consistent and impactful communication became a breeze. This saved time and ensured a unified brand voice across all customer interactions.


BIGContacts' impact has been transformative. My work is now efficient, organized, and collaborative. Information is readily accessible, collaboration is seamless, and remote work feels empowered. We're even better equipped to support our growth plans thanks to the platform's scalability.

"But it's not just the features I love," I emphasize. "The continuous improvements, like the recent state filtering addition and task reminders, show that BIGContacts truly listens to user needs. BIGContacts isn't just a contact management solution; it's a partner in our business success."

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