The Foundation for Financial Education (F3E) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to spreading financial literacy by providing free educational resources directly to the public. They are committed to delivering current, relevant information through interactive and entertaining workshops, recommending practical courses of action that allow individuals to take control of their finances, and actively giving back to the community through volunteerism and scholarships. The organization's programs cater to a range of individuals, from young adults to retirees.


Before using BIGContacts, we faced the challenge of efficiently and consistently cataloging names, phone numbers, and emails of individuals who had viewed their presentations, ultimately delaying the ability to share information about future workshops and webinars. The lack of a comprehensive CRM system to manage customer information made it difficult for us to keep track of attendees and perform regular follow-up.


We chose to use ProProfs BIGContacts as our CRM because it allows us to import contacts on our own, eliminating the need to rely on a third party for this task. This has dramatically reduced the delay in getting in touch with individuals who attended our presentations. As Sennan, the Manager at Foundation for Financial Education said, "Our ability to reach out to folks in a timely manner is completely dependent on our ability to put that in the CRM immediately and not have to wait."


BIGContacts enabled us to follow up with our attendees more efficiently, leading to more engagement and better communication. We particularly appreciate the CRM's user-friendly and customizable interface, which enabled us to quickly learn and use the system effectively without needing much guidance.

"The response team (customer service) from ProProfs has been great. They've always been attentive, they've always been polite, they've always been wonderful. This stands out as a crucial element contributing to our satisfaction with BIG Contacts." - Sennan Quigley

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