Anchor Resort & Condominiums is a unique luxurious haven located on a pristine barrier island off the Texas coast in the Gulf of Mexico. Comprised of 136 individually owned condominiums, our resort exudes a sense of community wrapped in a resort-style living experience. We are more than a standard resort; as the overseeing entity of the homeowners association, we ensure proper maintenance, care, and general upkeep of the property. Our dedication to guest-focused service and cultural respect has positioned us as a top-tier resort.


Before we started using BIGContacts at Anchor Resort, managing our property was challenging. We had to navigate through multiple sources of information, including spreadsheets, Word documents, and Outlook just to access various pieces of condominium information we needed. It was inefficient and time-consuming. Plus, we needed a solution that would directly tie the information to our condo units instead of the owners, facilitating tracking and accessing historic data.


We found a great solution in BIGContacts because of its robust features that streamlined property management processes. From day one, we used BIGContacts to bring all our data into a single platform. We set up a system where the condo number was the "company," keeping the information tied directly to the property and not the individual owners. This has not only streamlined our data management processes but also made tracking history of a unit much more convenient. The aspect of BIGContacts I appreciate the most is its all-in-one feature integration. I can stay focused on tasks without having to jump between different platforms.


Implementing BIGContacts significantly improved our property management processes. It provided a centralized location for all property-related data, increasing our overall efficiency. Now, my team and I can quickly access historical information of any condo unit, no matter how many times the owner has changed. This integral feature has boosted our productivity tremendously. Despite an initial hiccup when ProProfs acquired BIGContacts, I've been pleased with the continued customer service. Our relationship with ProProfs has been beneficial and has played a crucial role in our successful use of BIGContacts.

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