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Muskan Ghai

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Muskan Ghai specializes in contact management, customer relationship management, workflow management, and business analytics. Her insightful writing illuminates these topics, inspiring strategic thinking. Her Zoology Honours degree from University of Delhi enhances her analytical prowess, enabling her to offer clear and impactful insights to her audience.

Articles by Muskan Ghai

How to Improve Sales Performance: 10 Strategies for Success

Being in the industry for quite some time now, I have observed that many sales teams need to meet their targets, which can cause significant concern within any organization. You might wonder, what sets apart the teams that consistently achieve and exceed their goals?
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9 Best Address Book Software in 2024

Keeping track of contact details, tasks, birthdays, appointments, etc., can be a tedious and cumbersome job, especially if done manually for a large number of people.
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15 Best CRMs for B2B in 2024

Are you a B2B business struggling with long and complicated sales processes? Do you often feel you don’t have control over the sales journey of your hard-earned leads and are all your marketing efforts going down the drain?
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