Many businesses find significant advantages from managing tasks and workflow processes through their CRM Software. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is designed to manage your customer contact, sales process and follow up information.

For many businesses, CRM software offers entire system-wide management of tasks and work-flow because most jobs are centered around the customer. For job-shop manufacturers, service businesses and sales teams, it is a great idea to use your CRM system for managing workflow as well as customer relationships. The following are six tips for managing your information well in order to create the best possible use of your CRM as both a sales and task management system.

  1. Plan Your Sales Funnel – Understanding your Customer’s lifecycle and how it interacts with your business plan is essential to both sales funnel planning and workflow planning. Good workflow planning and management will increase your customer support and sales capabilities, not the other way around. You have to understand how to move customers through acquisition and service and on to becoming referring agents for your business. With that in mind, you can use your CRM to manage tasks and workflow.
  2. Map Out Your Workflow – Once you have a plan for your sales funnel, map out the processes it will take on your end to get customers through the sales funnel, from lead to customer to happy referrer and repeat customer. What sales activities need to be done in the process? What products, services or production processes are required of your customers? Mapping out your workflow is essential for any management system; the map gives you the knowledge necessary to manage tasks in the correct order and assign them to the best employees.
  3. Automate Tasks – There are many tasks in any workflow process which can be done automatically via your software or other IT systems. When using CRM software as a task manager, automatic tasks will include communicating vital financial information (receipts, order confirmations), following up with customers, and creating order and activity alerts for your employees.
  4. Increase Communication – Communication is essential to building proper workflow management systems. Whether updating employees about needed activities and communication with other colleagues or notifying customers that certain forms were not filled out properly, a CRM increases communication in multiple ways. Use your CRM software to keep communication notes in one central location no matter how many people are managing one customer’s account. This gives increased internal communication through consistent access and allows customer service reps to swiftly answer a concerned customer’s needs because the notes from previous calls are accessible.
  5. Manage Activities – Assign different activities and tasks in your workflow system to individual employees using your CRM software. Activities can be recorded in your CRM software, including sales calls and demonstrations. This empowers management to understand what makes your star employees shine and what problem sales and service reps need to work on. Assigning, tracking and reviewing activities through your CRM software gives you the tools to manage workflow processes and create the best possible training for your employees.
  6. Integrate CRM with Other Apps – In order to get the best workflow planning out of your CRM, you will need to integrate your CRM software with other apps, especially calendar apps and communication apps. Communication software includes email managers and phone systems. In order to get the most out of your calendar apps, you will need social media management systems integrated in your CRM, because much modern scheduling happens on social media.

With proper planning for your sales funnel, your workflow processes and automated tasks, integrated software and more business systems, you can manage your tasks and workflows well. For more information about the sales funnel, customer lifecycle management, or how to use your CRM as a task management system, please contact us today!

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