Are you late to follow-up on your leads? Does your marketing team target an audience with the wrong message? Are customer resolutions delayed on account of inaccurate or incomplete information?

If you answer yes to any of these, there’s a solution. With CRM software, you can drive sales, reduce errors, and improve communication throughout your business and customer experience.  But if these challenges continue to slow you down, your productivity with suffer and you’ll lose valuable customers.

Here are 7 ways CRM Software can help effectively manage tasks and improve your workflow.

Increase Sales  

On a busy day, it’s impossible for the sales manager to meet with every member of the team. But they can be updated automatically. CRM’s workflow automation can:

  • Set triggers that alert the sales manager or team members
  • automatically send reminders to the person responsible for the account
  • Send notifications when any changes occur to an account

Enhance Customer Support

CRM automates many tasks that are now done manually – such as contacting and updating employees, sending welcome emails to new customers, or notifying representatives of a customer issue.

To keep customers you need to quickly reply to their issues. Often, this involves many departments to work together. CRM automatically notifies the relevant employees via email or sms concerning any support issues. From then on, conditional triggers will update a customer’s status provided if they’ve been helped or not. It also emails the customer an apology, ensuring them the issue is being resolved.

This fast and consistent customer service not only saves you time, but it keeps your customers happy and well-addressed.

Reduce Errors

Errors and redundant tasks waste time and money. This hampers productivity, quality service, and customer experience. With CRM, you can eliminate the “human element” from many tasks and finish them quicker.

For instance, CRM ensures each step is completed in order and by the right employee. It will also automatically notify them after a task has been completed or if there are any changes or new information.

Improve Efficiency

Visual workflow tools allow you to make efficient management changes by showing you redundant tasks or tasks that can be eliminated. This visibility also benefits managers who can now see all contact points with customers, ensuring they’re being handled effectively and efficiently.

Workflow automation can also bundle tasks to make them seamless and repeatable such as follow-ups, welcome emails, and support delivery.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

All data is placed in one location that employees can easily access and share. CRM also automatically sends updates to every department.

For instance, your sales team can see the marketing campaign and consumer responses; the marketing team can target each audience with the right messages; and customer service can timely respond to issues. Alerts and notifications are automated so nothing is missed.

Drive user adoption

Unlike many software solutions that promise to increase productivity and enhance efficiencies, CRM software is easy to learn and use. It eliminates guesswork and provides each user with the information they need at the right time. This will give you better insights into your customers and sharpen your decisions.

Improve Account Management

It’s easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one. But it’s not always easy to remember to renew an account before it ends. CRM reminds you automatically of any accounts that are near closing, giving you ample time to renew them.

Using time-based triggers, CRM will:

  • notify you before an account closes
  • alert managers or the appropriate rep of valuable accounts
  • automatically email customers to remind them their account is closing, offering them the chance to renew


If you’re tired of mistakes and manual tasks, CRM will save time and increase your productivity without the need to hire more employees. Using customer-focused strategies you can deliver exceptional customer service all the time.

So if you’re ready to make your business better and want the right tools to get the job done, contact us.

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