A Powerful Collaboration Suite for Small Business


Customer SynchronizationYou can keep the information that you track about Customers in your QuickBooks Online account synchronized with your BigContacts account. This will ensure that you only have to enter data once and know that it is always up-to-date.

Transaction SynchronizationEvery transaction that you create in QuickBooks Online for your Customers will appear in a special folder labeled "QuickBooks Transactions" in that Contacts' dashboard in BigContacts - giving you a link to your QuickBooks Online account to view the detailed history of all Invoices, Payments, Estimates, Sales Receipts, Statements and more! 


Calendar SyncKeep your meetings up-to-date with two-way synchronization between BigContacts and your Outlook calendar.  Any meeting that you schedule in BigContacts will automatically synchronize with your Outlook calendar and visa-versa.

Contact SyncKeep your contacts up-to-date with two-way synchronization between BigContacts and your Outlook contacts.  Any contact that you add or edit in BigContacts will automatically synchronize with your Outlook contacts and visa-versa. 

Email Sync - The BigContacts Outlook plugin lets you pick and choose what emails to sync. Choose a single email or entire folder to sync over and display in the history of a contact record. If you prefer to have all email automatically sync you can take advantage of our “Email Dropbox” feature.  With a one-time setup our system will automatically capture all emails & attachments and store them in the appropriate contact record.


Google Calendar - Keep your meetings up-to-date with two-way synchronization between BigContacts and your Google calendar. You can add, edit or delete meetings in either calendar and have them instantly synchronized.


Gmail - Capture and store all email communication that you send & receive from your Gmail inbox with our "email dropbox" .  All emails et stored automatically in the appropriate contact record - including any file attachments!  Stay tuned for "BIGbox" - an intelligent email inbox that you can manage right inside your BigContacts account.


Google Maps - Next to every address in a contact record you will see a Google Maps icon.  Simply click on this icon and have the address instantly mapped!  More mapping functions coming soon!


BigContacts has partnered with ActiveCampaign, an email marketing & marketing automation company.  Through this partnership we have created the industry's BEST integration between CRM & Email Marketing / Marketing Automation Software. You have to see it for yourself to believe how much this will help you in your marketing and customer retention efforts.


Stop wasting time retyping numbers from your CRM into your office or mobile phone. With the BigContacts Skype integration you can shift from browsing a contact record to making calls with just one click.  All you need is the Skype click-to-call application and you’re ready to begin making calls with one click.  

Earthlink Hosted Voice


Enjoy seamless integration between your BigContacts and your EarthLink hosted voice solution.   

  • Click-to-dial - click on the number you wish to dial from the contact record in your BigContacts account and we do the rest!  Your call will be immediately initiated through your EarthLink account. 
  • Incoming calls - when a customer or prospect calls you we instantly search your database and open their contact record.  This feature has added intelligence built in to handle a variety of situations

    a) If an incoming phone number is not already in your BigContacts database, a message will display letting them know that no contact matches that search and gives them one click access to immediately add a new contact while they are on the phone call

    b) If an incoming phone number exists in multiple contact records in your BigContacts database (such as a work phone number) we will display a list of all contacts that contain that phone number and give the user the ability to click on any one of the listed contact names to go directly to their contact record


Anytime you add or update a contact in your BigContacts account we instantly search more than 100 sources to automatically update social profile information and photos - using only their email address.   With this new automated method of updating the Social Media information for your contacts we can help you quickly gain a better understanding of where your contacts hangout online, their interests, their influence and what they’re saying. 

BigContacts webform connector

The BigContacts webform connector allows you to capture leads from your website.  When a contact completes a form on your website, it instantly creates a new contact record in your BigContacts account.  To connect to BigContacts you'll need to have your web person insert a unique form code and merge fields into the HTML of your webform


We've partnered with123ContactForm to allow anyone to easily create and embed a webform, survey, order form etc directly into your website or even your email signature to easily capture and load leads into your BigContacts account.

Synchronize With A Growing List Of Popular Apps


PieSync, you can set-up real-time bidirectional sync between BigContacts and a multitude of different cloud applications in minutes.  PieSync will monitor your contacts and sync every update to BigContacts. New subscribers or other contact updates in BigContacts will immediately sync back to your cloud applications.  Updating contacts is done by smart contact data matched that automatically merge data to avoid duplicates. In addition, PieSync provides a number of powerful filters you can use to define which contacts you want to keep in sync with.

Piesync integrations_0117.png