What Is BIGContacts & ActiveCampaign Integration?

BIGContacts integration with ActiveCampaign helps personalize and automate your marketing campaigns. Easily keep your contact data synchronized between your BIGContacts and ActiveCampaign accounts to design and share personalized marketing emails. Segment your customers, set up auto-responders, create email templates and schedule an automated series of emails based on your customer journey. You also get intelligent recommendations for what works well with prospects and customers with smart marketing analytics from the BIGContacts CRM.

Features & Benefits of BIGContacts & ActiveCampaign Integration

  • Automate Follow-Ups Automate Follow-Ups

    Set up automated email campaigns to keep your prospects and customers engaged. Send emails as soon as a contact is added to your mailing list with email autoresponders. Include custom triggers to deliver emails based on the prospects’ position in the sales cycle.

  • Share Personalized Emails Share Personalized Emails

    Share relevant information with contacts based on their interests and requirements. Track personal information, buying preferences, and previous emails for individual contact records to make upcoming interactions more relevant. Create intelligent marketing campaigns with the combined capabilities of BIGContacts and ActiveCampaign.

  • Capture & Store Leads Capture & Store Leads

    Capture leads easily and share welcome emails with them instantly. View the current position of leads in your pipeline and share relevant emails accordingly. Nurture more leads with drip email campaigns that are informative, insightful, and targeted.

  • Build Lists for Effective Segmentation Build Lists for Effective Segmentation

    Create static or dynamic lists of contacts within BIGContacts for more effective segmentation. Share targeted emails with these contact lists using ActiveCampaign integration with BIGContacts.

  • Automatically Adjusted Campaigns Automatically Adjusted Campaigns

    Integrate ActiveCampaign with BIGContacts to automate your email marketing. This automated series of emails adjust automatically based on the customers’ actions. Team members are updated throughout a campaign with instant alerts and notifications.

  • Track Performance With Smart Reports Track Performance With Smart Reports

    With the ActiveCampaign and BIGContacts integration, you get complete visibility into the performance of your marketing efforts. Track various metrics, such as email open rate, click-through rates, etc. Utilize these insights to improve your future outreach.

Refer to our step-by-step integration guide below to enable this integration in minutes.

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