What Is BIGContacts & Mailchimp Integration?

What Is BIGContacts & Mailchimp Integration?

BIGContacts integration with Mailchimp lets you run successful email marketing campaigns that result in an improved bottom line. Keep data synchronized between your email marketing tool and CRM to enhance campaign personalization and make the most out of every interaction with prospects and customers.

How this works is simple- specify if you wish to synchronize all contacts or only contacts with a particular tag. The system keeps data automatically updated, saving you the trouble of doing so manually.

Coordinated CRM and email marketing can help you engage users more effectively. The benefits of this two-way synchronization are plenty, ranging from higher engagement rates to improved brand awareness.

Integrate Mailchimp with BIGContacts to improve your marketing results by automating personalized drips.

Why Integrate BIGContacts With Mailchimp?

  • Easy Setup & Synchronization

    Getting started with Mailchimp integration with BIGContacts is quick and easy. Simply connect both the applications by following the steps provided in our integration guide and start synchronizing data between BIGContact and Mailchimp.

  • Manage Mailing Lists & Preferences

    Keep your mailing lists and data up to date across BIGContacts and Mailchimp. Any changes made to your contacts on one platform are automatically updated on the other. Use tags to improve contact segmentation for your marketing campaigns.

  • Personalize Your Outreach Campaigns

    Find all the relevant customer information in one place and leverage it to enhance the effectiveness of your email outreach. Using contact data stored in your CRM to personalize your outreach efforts.

  • Automate Email Log Activity

    This integration eliminates the manual work from your email campaigns. Emails are automatically logged against the respective contact records. This makes it easier to keep track of all previous interactions with contacts.

  • Monitor Performance in Real Time

    Combining the capabilities of BIGContacts and Mailchimp allows you to obtain highly valuable insights into improving your upcoming marketing efforts. For example, it helps you stay updated with metrics such as sends, opens, click-through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes, and more.

  • Add Split Logic & Conditions

    Use custom-trigger logic to improve your marketing efforts. Deliver the most relevant marketing emails to prospects and customers. Mailchimp integration with BIGContacts lets you set up sequential emails triggered based on behavior and preferences.

More Integrations

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