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What Is BIGContacts & HubSpot Integration?

BIGContacts integration with HubSpot enables you to personalize, schedule, and manage your marketing campaigns effectively. Combining the marketing capabilities of HubSpot and the contact management feature of BIGContacts enables you to deliver personalized experiences that keep customers coming back to your business. Automate drip emails to nurture more leads. Synchronize data between BIGContacts CRM and your HubSpot account to manage all marketing activities from a single platform and enhance your customer relationships.

Features & Benefits of BIGContacts & HubSpot Integration

  • Attract the Right Audience Attract the Right Audience

    Capture more leads and nurture them into customers with BIGContacts and HubSpot integration. Store the information of your website visitors directly in the CRM system and utilize this information to drive meaningful conversations.

  • Personalize Your Outreach Efforts Personalize Your Outreach Efforts

    Utilize contact data stored in the CRM system to personalize your emails. Connecting HubSpot with BIGContacts allows you to craft and deliver more relevant emails to your customers based on their previous interactions, preferences, and current position.

  • Automate Your Marketing Campaigns Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

    Leverage the power of marketing automation to improve customer engagement. With relevant customer information available at your fingertips, you can craft effective marketing automation workflows. Connect BIGContacts and HubSpot to run drip campaigns and engage with contacts at the right time.

  • Track Marketing Performance Track Marketing Performance

    Integrating BIGContacts with HubSpot allows you to keep a close eye on how your marketing efforts are performing. Find your most engaged contacts and generate insightful reports with BIGContacts using marketing data from your HubSpot account. Utilize these insights to enhance the effectiveness of your upcoming marketing activities.

  • Utilize Customer Data Effectively Utilize Customer Data Effectively

    Keeping customer data synchronized between your BIGContacts and HubSpot accounts can help you make the most out of it. Scattered customer data across multiple platforms can be a colossal waste of time for marketers. HubSpot integration with BIGContacts helps you view essential data and craft personalized email campaigns from a single place.

  • Add Condition & Split Logic Add Condition & Split Logic

    Add multiple triggers to enhance the efficiency of your marketing activities. These custom triggered logics can help you deliver relevant solutions to prospects and customers. HubSpot integration with BIGContacts enables you to set up sequential tasks which contribute to increased productivity.

Integrate BIGContacts with HubSpot simply by following the steps provided in our integration guide.

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