What Is BIGContacts & Microsoft Outlook Integration?

BIGContacts integration with Outlook lets you send information between both accounts - without any hassle. You can sync three items- Contacts, Meetings, and Tasks between BIGContacts and Outlook. Choose if you want to sync all contacts or only selected contacts assigned to a particular user.

Link your BIGContacts CRM data with Outlook to create more comprehensive contact records. Find relevant information for contacts instantly and share personalized emails at the right time.

Features & Benefits of BIGContacts & Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Keep Data Updated in Real-Time

    Keep your marketing contacts up to date between BIGContacts and Outlook to enhance organizational productivity. Every contact you add or update in BigContacts is added or updated automatically in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Manage Emails Easily

    Never lose track of important conversations by keeping CRM data consistent with your Outlook account. Find relevant customer information easily to craft more effective marketing email campaigns with Outlook integration with BIGContacts.

  • Two-Way Data Synchronization

    Avoid the constant back and forth between accounts and access updated data from a single place. This two-way synchronization enables you to keep your contacts, tasks, emails, and calendar well-updated between both platforms, without having to do so manually.

  • Sync Specific Contacts With Tags

    Get complete control over which contacts are synchronized. Select all contacts in BIGContacts or choose specific contacts with a particular tag for synchronization. You can also select lists in Outlook that you wish to synchronize with BIGContacts.

  • No Hassle of Import & Export

    Get started with the integration in minutes, without the hassle of manual data entry. You are never required to export contacts out of BigContacts and import them into your Outlook account with effortless synchronization between both platforms.

  • Stay on Top of Everything

    Outlook integration with BIGContacts lets you stay on top of important events and messages at all times. Keep your emails, tasks and contacts effortlessly organized. Never lose a contact or miss a deadline by finding accurate customer information instantly.

Connecting BIGContacts with Microsoft outlook is quick and easy. Refer to our step-by-step integration guide below to get started.

Looking for a way to grow your sales?

BIGContacts is a robust CRM for driving more profits for your business
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