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What Is BIGContacts & Google Contacts Integration?

What Is BIGContacts & Google Contacts Integration?

BIGContacts integration with Google Contacts lets you automate contact synchronization, maintain comprehensive contact records and drive more personalized interactions. Every contact you add or update to your Google Contacts account is automatically updated in the CRM system and vice versa.

How this works is simple - suggest which list in Google Contacts you want BIGContacts to sync with and then decide if you want to sync ALL contacts in your BIGContacts account or only contacts with a certain Tag. The system keeps checking and updating your BIGContacts and Google Contacts accounts 24 hours a day and updates them automatically with the appropriate contact details.

It’s a great way to keep your contacts well-organized and updated with this two-way synchronization. Combine the powerful contact management capabilities of Google Contacts with the automation functionality of BIGContacts and eliminate the busywork from your operations.

Features & Benefits of BIGContacts & Google Contacts Integration

  • Update Individual Contacts Automatically

    Organize contacts effectively by keeping them automatically updated between Google Contacts and BIGContacts. Any change made to individual contacts on one platform is instantly logged and updated on the other.

  • Sync Certain Contacts With Tags

    Sync all contacts between BIGContacts or Google Contacts or select specific contacts using tags. Keep the name, last name, title, emails, phone numbers, and addresses of your chosen contacts up to date between both accounts.

  • Keep Your Marketing Contacts Up-to-date

    Boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by streamlining contact management. Connect BIGContacts with Google Contacts to keep your mailing lists well-updated at all times.

  • Seamless Two-Way Synchronization

    There’s no need for you to manually import or export contacts in either of the two accounts. Once set up, this two-way synchronization between BIGContacts and Google Contacts keeps your data updated automatically.

  • All Your Contact Data- in One Place

    Avoid switching back and forth between multiple platforms to find relevant contact information. Google Contacts integration with BIGContacts lets you find everything there is to know about contacts in one place.

  • Drive More Personalized Interactions

    Stay updated with customer information and needs. Promptly respond to contacts by accessing essential contact information in an instant. Share personalized messages with contacts in bulk to save time.

Connect your favorite contact management tool- Google Contacts, with BIGContacts using this step-by-step integration guide.

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  • Active campaign
    Active Campaign

    Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with personalization and automation, enabled by the integration between Active Campaign and BIGContacts.

  • Mailchimp

    Combine the robust marketing and CRM functionality of Mailchimp and BIGContacts to connect with prospects and customers more effectively.

  • Zendesk

    Manage and resolve support issues more efficiently by powering your Zendesk account with CRM data from BIGContacts and vice versa.