The benefits of a CRM software are immeasurable when you consider the impact it has on your overall customer service experience, marketing, and sales. The challenge, however, comes with deciding whether or not your company will indeed gain value from investing in a customer relationship management system.

As with any ongoing business expenditure, it pays to do your research and get the real facts in numbers.   Here are 9 statistics that will not only show you the figures, but motivate you to invest in a CRM software that will generate improved results for your business.

#1 Three out of four consumers say they spent more money with a company because of a positive customer experience – Your CRM primary goal is improving customer service to create that brand loyalty. (Source: Global Customer Service study)

#2 CRM gives an average of $8.71 for every $1 spent – what an awesome ROI percentage! According to Nucleus Research, companies are continuously making new investments in the CRM platforms.

#3 37% of B2B buyers ask questions on social media sites when looking for answers – integrating social network accounts allows for businesses to engage with prospects and customers all in one system (Source: WurlWind)

#4 Sales reps saw productivity increase by 26.4% when adding social networking and mobile access to CRM applicationsAnother study by Nucleus Research reveals social and mobile help align CRM to greater business objectives.

#5 Per sales person, a CRM can increase revenue by a whopping 41%!!! This statistic alone should motivate you to invest in a quality CRM system that meets the needs of your company.

#6 25% of Facebook and Twitter users expect a reply to their complaints via social media in less than 1 hour – CRM can do this. (Source:

#7 CRM are known to improve customer retention, by as much as 27% – It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than it is a new one. A CRM will help you continue to build relationships with your customers to keep them coming back (Source: Trackvia.Com)

#8 6 out of 10 small businesses are using their CRM for email marketing – Staying in front of your customers and leads via email is perhaps the most vital element of your email campaign…your CRM helps keep you in the forefront. (Source: MarketingCharts.Com)

#9 CRM is expected to grow to a $36.5 billion market worldwide by 2017 – According to Forbes, CRM leads all enterprise software categories projected growth.  Small businesses all over the globe are leveraging the power behind this system!

The numbers certainly reveal that choosing a CRM software that is conducive for your business will improve all facets of your organization. For any questions or if you would like to speak with a professional to guide you in the best direction, please contact us here.

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