If you work in sales, closing the deal to gain a new customer is among the most difficult feats to accomplish. After all, this is the point at which your audience has to commit significant resources in order to join your company. Fortunately, a variety of tools can help you make a successful pitch and get that customer, and Customer Relationship Management Software is at the forefront. Here are 3 ways in which CRM software can help you close more deals.

1) Sales-Marketing Alignment

Many customer agreements fall through simply because your marketing messages and sales calls are not properly aligned. If a potential customer has formed their opinion about your product based on your marketing messages, but then hears conflicting information during the sales call, they are subject to cognitive dissonance, and will lose trust in your brand.

Because CRM software integrates your marketing and sales efforts, it can close that gap. Particularly if you engage in online lead generation, a crucial part of the post-conversion process will be sending regular lead nurturing emails to your potential customers. If these emails are set up within your CRM software, you can ensure that the messaging is consistent throughout and matches with your sales pitch.

2) Determining Sales-Qualified Leads

A second problem many companies run into is simply not knowing when your audience is ready to become a customer. Even an interested visitor to your website may not quite be ready for the commitment, and contacting them too early could mean they’ll shy away from your software. On the other extreme, waiting too long to touch base with potential customer could lead to losing them to your competitors.

Through CRM and lead nurturing efforts, you can both guide your potential customers and determine when they are most likely to be qualified for the all-important sales call. When they initially become leads by filling up a sign-up form on your site, you know they have expressed interest. Now, you can send targeted emails to them that deepen their interest, linking to additional content on your site. If these leads begin to take action and visit your sales-related pages, such as your pricing page, you know they’re ready for the sales call.

3) Informed Sales Pitches

Finally, your CRM can also be an instrumental tool for your sales agents at the point of sale. Especially if you are selling complex products or services, your customers won’t be convinced by a simple pitch about the greatness of your business. They have individual pain points, which they hope your solution can address. And if your sales agent ignores or does not acknowledge these pain points, they will be much more difficult to convert into customers.

Finding and acknowledging these specific pain points can be difficult, but is made much easier by CRM software. Because it records your visitors’ actions after they become leads, such as which emails from you they open or what they post on social media, your sales agents can simply visit a qualified lead’s contact record to determine exactly what points to address in order to make the sales call as relevant for the customer and as convincing as possible.

In short, CRM software should be a crucial tool in your sales arsenal. By aligning your marketing and sales efforts, while at the same time helping you determine your sales-qualified leads and make more informed sales pitches, you can close more deals by increasing the consistency and personalization within your messaging. If you are looking to increase the performance of your sales team, or are simply looking for ways to optimize your sales processes, contact us. We’d love to talk to you about our CRM solution.

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