In this age of technology, people are trying to multi-task throughout the day in order to get everything done, which can lead to burnout and often more chaos rather than organization.

The truth is, multi-tasking just doesn’t work as a time management tool, at least according to a Stanford study. In order to tackle tasks correctly, you need to be able to focus on them individually. A better way to manage your time is to invest in CRM software. Here are a few ways that CRM Software solves time management challenges:

  • Team calendar: Staying organized is essential for managing your time, and a team calendar is a tool that will make sure everyone’s schedules are in sync. In fact a good CRM platform will offer synchronization with other program like Google Calendar and Outlook.If your company uses a master calendar through one of these two services for example, you could still have one team within this company using the CRM software and still stay connected with the rest of the company through the calendar. Whether someone on your team for across any other part of the company as, changes or deletes a meeting, these changes will automatically be made on every team member’s calendar. No more missing meetings or showing up to meetings that have been canceled!
  • Tasks report: Every day your CRM software can send a task report directly to your inbox so that you know exactly what is on the agenda for the day. The tasks are given priority if they are urgent or overdue so you can quickly and easily decide which task to tackle first. You can also keep track of your team members’ tasks and quickly gauge who is on top of their task list and who is falling behind.
  • Daily report: Your system dashboard also includes a daily report that details “Recent Activity” within your business including trending activity as well as identifying your most active contacts.  This information all helps you decide which contacts you need to reach out to first for the day. In addition, your system dashboard has a “Revenue Opportunities” section, which offers a snapshot of revenue opportunities based on what’s in the current pipeline, top opportunities, and a sales leader board. All of this information is ready and at your disposal as soon as you log on, so you don’t need to waste time crunching the numbers or trying to figure out where to start for the day.

CRM software is the perfect tool for the busy business owner as it allows you to manage your schedule as well as the schedule of your employees without spreading yourself thin with too much multi-tasking. For more information on how CRM software can benefit your business, contact us today.

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