Achieve Better Customer Acquisition and Retention

Achieve Better Customer Acquisition & Retention

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Organize Communication With Customers & Prospects

Manage your prospects and customer relationships by keeping track of all contacts, calendars and tasks—in one platform. With BIGContacts, you can easily capture and store all communications with your contacts—including notes, calls, meetings, tasks, files, photos, sales opportunities—PLUS all email communication!

Get Automated Email Reminders For All Meetings & Tasks

BIGalerts allow you to set email alerts to stay on top of all sorts of activity as it happens in your business. BIGalerts includes: Task Alerts, Meeting Reminders, Email Read Receipts, Sales Opportunity Alerts, Contact Activity / Inactivity Alerts and more…

Task Notifications
Every time you assign a task, you have a variety of options as to how and when you are notified about the status of a task. You can choose exactly who gets notified when a task is assigned, completed or has become overdue.

You can also choose how you would like to be notified by email. No more wondering about the status of a task. You don’t even have to log into your BIGContacts account to know the moment a task has been completed or has become overdue!

Meeting Reminders

With meeting reminders you have a number of options as to WHO you notify, WHEN you notify them and HOW you notify them. You can even choose to have reminders sent directly to the contact that you have scheduled a meeting for!

Email Read Alerts

You may already know that you can send an email directly from any contact record in your BIGContacts account simply by clicking on the email address in the record itself. Doing this opens the email window you see below and you now have (with just the click of your mouse) the option to track everything that was just listed above.

BIGContacts now gives you real visibility into how engaged your contacts are with the emails you send them on a day-to-day basis.

Convert More Opportunities To Sales
With Automated Sales Tracking Tools

Automated Tasks Ensure Timely Follow up

Put your sales pipeline on autopilot and let us automatically assign tasks to follow up with prospects at the right time based on what works best for your sales process.

Once each day the system will assign tasks according to your specific instructions. And you can add as many different tasks as you like for each sales stage.

Automated Emails Help Close More Deals

Automatically send personalized emails from your individual sales reps based on where your prospect is in your sales cycle. Your email campaigns can also automatically adjust based on whether a contact clicks on a certain link in an email, replied previously or entered a new stage of the sales cycle.

All of this is easily customized by you! Define exactly what actions you want to take place when your contact replies to an email or interacts with any campaign in any way.

Great Sales Reports Help You Stay On Top of Opportunities

With the Sales Manager Report you can see all current sales activities for you and your team. You can also drill down to specific contacts that make up your total sales funnel.

Click on the orange magnifying glass to the left of any sales stage and instantly see the details of each opportunity currently in that stage.

Automatically Populate Social Media Profiles
& Get A Clear Picture Of Your Contacts

With SocialPro, anytime you add or update a contact in your BigContacts account we instantly search more than 100 sources to automatically update social profile information and photos – using only their email address.

With this new automated method of updating the Social Media information for your contacts we can help you quickly gain a better understanding of where your contacts hangout online, their interests, their influence and what they’re saying.

Access All Contact Information from Any Device

The BigContacts Mobile Edition will work on any Smartphone or Tablet and is included as part of your BigContacts subscription. NO additional cost! No matter how big your database is, you can view and manage all your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Sales Opportunities—right from the palm of your hand.

Our system will automatically detect that you are on a mobile device and will display the Mobile Edition to ensure that it displays perfectly for you.

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