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Capture Emails Automatically

Log emails against respective contact records
Capture Emails Automatically

Automatically capture incoming emails and store them against the appropriate contact record. Allow your team to see all communications, regardless of who received the email. Set up custom notifications to never miss out on any important communication. After the email capture software has received an email, you can easily reply, reply all, or forward the email directly from the contact record.

  • tick BigContact Capture incoming emails effortlessly
  • tick BigContact Get instant notifications
  • tick BigContact Access communication history folders
  • tick BigContact Manage all conversations from one place

Send Emails From Inside BIGContacts

Personalize your outreach with BIGContacts
Send Emails From Inside BIGContacts

You can send emails directly from contact records within BIGContacts CRM. The email text editor allows you to send anything from a basic text email to a full HTML email complete with images and even videos. This full-featured email text editor allows you to create and send professional-looking emails to your contacts.

  • tick BigContact Manage drip email campaigns
  • tick BigContact Automate follow-ups
  • tick BigContact Use a custom email address
  • tick BigContact Include file attachments

Send Emails From Outside BIGContacts

Never lose touch with contacts
Send Emails From Outside BIGContacts

We offer a unique custom email address that allows you to send an email from any system outside of BIGContacts, including your mobile phone. The system captures, sorts, and stores copies of sent emails and attachments in the appropriate contact record. All emails appear as if sent directly from your email address.

  • tick BigContact Set up a custom email address
  • tick BigContact Mobile access
  • tick BigContact Automatic data synchronization
  • tick BigContact Connect with any email program

Save Time With Email Templates

Create consistent & professional messages with email templates
Save Time With Email Templates

Eliminate busywork with pre-designed email templates offered by our business email software. These templates are a great way to create well-crafted messages that you can use over and over again. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and ensure that you and your entire team deliver a consistent message when communicating with your prospects and customers.

  • tick BigContact Deliver emails instantly
  • tick BigContact Achieve more uniformity
  • tick BigContact Build a library for future use
  • tick BigContact Remain consistent

Send Group Emails in One Go

Improve productivity with bulk actions
Send Group Emails in One Go

Send emails to a select list of contacts. Generate static or dynamically updating lists by simply choosing custom filters. Select the group email button to send the email to all recipients in the list instantly. After the email is sent, each contact will have it stored in their individual contact record and history folder for future reference. Such bulk actions contribute to enhanced targeting and improved productivity.

  • tick BigContact Build static & dynamic lists
  • tick BigContact Custom filters to create groups
  • tick BigContact Improve customer segmentation
  • tick BigContact Get things done quickly with bulk actions

Best Email Tracking Software

Monitor & track emails with BIGContacts email CRM system
Best Email Tracking Software

View every communication in real-time with BIGContacts email CRM software. No more searching through your inboxes to find important emails between you and your contacts. Measure the performance of your email efforts easily with CRM email analytics. You can deliver a more consistent brand message by streamlining email management and sharing internal emails.

  • tick BigContact Stay on top of customer interactions
  • tick BigContact Track performance of emails
  • tick BigContact Share internal emails
  • tick BigContact Craft professional & consistent brand messages

Take Better Control of Your Emails

Never miss out on a conversation
Take Better Control of Your Emails

BIGContacts email capture tool allows you to analyze email campaigns performance. Track relevant metrics, including open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates. Use these insights to enhance your email outreach. Boost organizational productivity by bringing all business divisions to the same platform. Connect BIGContacts with your favorite email managing software to get everything done from one place.

  • tick BigContact Analyze open & click-through rates
  • tick BigContact Improve organizational productivity
  • tick BigContact Bring sales & marketing teams together
  • tick BigContact Connect with any email program

Benefits of Email Management CRM

Boost your ROI

Personalized email outreach results in an improved conversion rate. Enhance your business’s profitability by choosing an effective CRM Email System that guides more leads toward conversion.

Keep everyone on the same page

Streamline business communication with centralized access to all interactions. View contact history, send emails internally, generate reminders, and keep everyone updated with instant alerts.

Automate email workflows

BIGContacts automatically delivers emails based on triggers. Get updated for contact actions and deliver emails at the right time to prevent deals from slipping through the cracks.

Generate insightful reports

Gain better visibility into campaign performances with smart reports. Measure important metrics easily with powerful CRM email analytics and identify areas of improvement.

Smart Email Management

CRM Software With Email Integration to keep data synchronized

BIGContacts CRM email software updates email records automatically by capturing emails and file attachments and storing them in the respective contact history folder. This allows you to view complete conversation threads, automate email delivery and get intelligent recommendations. BIGContacts CRM with email integration creates personalized experiences by automatically capturing data from social media platforms.

  • tick BigContact Intelligent email management
  • tick BigContact Automate email campaigns
  • tick BigContact Access detailed conversation threads
  • tick BigContact Personalize emails with social media integration
Smart Email Management

Powerful Email Integration

Connect BIGContacts with Your Favorite Email Capture Tools
  • Active Campaign
  • Mail Chimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Emma
  • Sharp Spring

BIGContacts Features

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    Drag & Drop UI
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    Free Templates

Our Delighted Customers

  • Robust, easy to use and has the best support
    BigContacts seems to be the best way to extract data, contact information has all the addresses, tasks, and notes in one place, making it easier for everyone to keep track of what is going on with each company.
    Melanie P
    Melanie P,

    Sales Manager

  • All the important functionality without the expense
    BigContacts is simple to use and has all the important functionality we need without a lot of unnecessary functions that make other applications more complicated and expensive.
    John G
    John G,

    Sales Director, Leisure, Travel & Tourism

  • Less cluttered and complicated than
    I have always felt is too complex and has information not required cluttering the interface. BigContacts is clean and easy to use making staff more effective.
    David H
    David H,

    President, Consumer Goods

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