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Two-Way Synchronization With Zendesk

As many of you may already know, over a year ago, we chose to partner with a company by the name of PieSync. PieSync offers a seamless two-synchronization platform that will enable synchronization between BigContacts and a rapidly growing number of other popular web applications.  The first two-way platform that we able to connect with through PieSync were Google Contacts as well as MailChimp synchronization. PieSync is picking up some momentum and has started to release a number of other great two-way synchronizations in their platform. As these new synchronizations become available we will announce each of them here through our blog so that you can take advantage of these great new combinations of powerful web applications.

Unlike platforms like Zapier (which only offers a one way “push” of information from one application to another based on a certain “trigger”) – with PieSync you have TRUE two-way synchronization between applications. This is such an important distinguishing factor to understand when reviewing these types of platforms.  Let’s say for example you connect your BigContacts account with Google Contacts or any other program where you are storing your contact information.  Any of these platforms can send the contact information from one application to the other. But what happens if I subsequently update the contact record in Google Contacts or in BigContacts? The moment I do, this the contact records are out of sync and one of them is outdated if I am using the Zapier platform. Again, with PieSync I know that my contacts will always remain up-to-date and fully synchronized across my different connected applications.

PieSync also offers the ability to manage duplicate records across your connected applications.  These are a few of the key reasons why we chose to work with PieSync to provide a superior level of synchronization of your important contact information across platforms.

Two-way Synchronization between BigContacts & Zendesk

This week we wanted to let you know that you can synchronize BigContacts with one of the industry’s leading Help desk platforms – Zendesk!  Watch the video below and see how easy it is to connect the two programs and begin synchronizing your contacts.

Get Started with Zendesk synchronization

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