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BIGContacts Offers Two-way Synchronization with FreshBooks

We now offer two-way synchronization between BigContacts and FreshBooks – one of the industry’s leading small business accounting platforms. We offer this synchronization through a partnership we have with a company by the name of PieSync. PieSync offers two-synchronization platform that will enable two-way synchronization between BigContacts and a growing marketplace of other web applications. We’re announcing these new synchronizations through our blog here as they become available. We want you to able to take advantage of these great new combinations of powerful web applications as soon as possible.

Setup two-way synchronization between BigContacts & FreshBooks in a few minutes!

Below is a brief video (no audio needed) that will show you how simple it is to connect and begin synchronizing the two platforms.

About FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a cloud accounting platform that has been purpose built for small business. FreshBooks is easy to use and offers a full suite of accounting tools for small business, including: Invoicing, Expense tracking, Time tracking and Payment processing.

Why We Work With PieSync

With PieSync you have TRUE two-way synchronization between applications. This is so important to understand when reviewing these types of platforms.

Any synchronization platform can send the contact information from one application to the other. But what happens if I subsequently update the contact record in Google Contacts or in BigContacts? The moment I do, this the contact records in many platforms are out of sync and one of them is outdated. Again, with PieSync I know that my contacts will always remain up-to-date and fully synchronized across my different connected applications.

Get started with FreshBooks synchronization

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1.Start a free trial
2. Authorize your BigContacts Account
3. Authorize your FreshBooks Account
4. Select “Start Synchronization” to get started!

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