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Two-Way Synchronization With HubSpot

Some time ago, we partnered with a company by the name of PieSync to help us to offer two-synchronization with a growing marketplace of popular web applications.  We promised that as these new synchronizations become available we would announce each of them here through our blog so that you can take advantage of these great new combinations of powerful web applications.

One of the most recent additions to this growing marketplace is the two-way synchronization with HubSpot.  HubSpot offers an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies like ours attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.  At BigContacts we have used HubSpot for years to help us to manage our inbound marketing efforts.

Unlike other platforms that synchronize popular web applications, PieSync actually offers you TRUE two-way synchronization between applications.  Be very careful when choosing other synchronization platforms as most of them do NOT offer this seamless two-way sync.  This (in our humble opinion) greatly diminishes the value these other platforms can deliver for you in your business. With Piesync’s two-way sync we are very happy with what we can offer our customers.

Two-way synchronization between BIGContacts & HubSpot

Below is a brief video (no audio needed) that will show you how simple it is to connect and begin synchronizing the two platforms.

Get started with HubSpot synchronization

The HubSpot synchronization is considering a “Premium” platform and requires the “small” plan that PieSync offers.  The small plan is only $15/month for your entire team (not per user) and allows you to connect and synchronize up to 5 platforms with your BigContacts account.

Start a free trial of PieSync today and give it a try!

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