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Increase Sales productivity. Wouldn’t you agree that all businesses want to improve their bottom line…sales? Absolutely! There are so many elements that work together in your business to generate quality leads, convert sales, and create an exceptional customer service experience to keep your customers coming back for more. Simply having a web based CRM software that allows you to do all these things in one system is not only beneficial to your sales organization, but certainly conducive for meeting revenue objectives.

One of the many advantages of a customer relationship management software is that it improves sales productivity. In fact, here are five statistics that share the numbers in how a CRM system will help meet a company’s income goals.

#1 Nucleus Research study shows that sales reps experienced an increase of productivity by 26.4% particularly when adding social networking and mobile applications to CRM software – Incorporating social and mobile aspects to your CRM will advance business goals

#2 Not only does a mobile CRM help increase productivity, it also plays a significant factor in your sales force meeting and exceeding their quotaResearch revealed that 65% of companies who implemented a mobile CRM saw a rise in individual employee revenues

#3 Out of 4 sales people, 3 actually believe they could close high-end deals with better technology – Talk about a confidence booster! If you can get your sales team to believe and trust in the system to perform, the sky is the limit! (Source:

#4 Benchmark studies show revenue increase of 41% per sales person – Another reason to get your sales team and organization excited about your CRM software! The key is using the system’s features that supports the vision of your business. (Source:

#5 9 out of 10 sales people lose opportunities due to information overload – Too much info will cause an adverse effect on productivity. The beauty about CRM is that it is an all-inclusive system…everything you need in one for customer service, marketing, email and sales. No longer do you have to open different windows or apps to access data during or preparing for an appointment. The information is concise is readily available for use!

Enhancing your sales productivity is literally a step away in your CRM software. It requires getting the most out of your system and leveraging the information in the database to improve your overall customer’s experience. For additional information on how a web based CRM can further the specific needs of your organization, please contact us here. We’d be glad to help!

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