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Easily Manage Your Sales Pipeline & Sales Team

Track sales, pipeline, tasks & calendar
Easily Manage Your Sales Pipeline & Sales Team

BIGContacts helps you view all the opportunities in your sales pipeline and move them along easily. Manage your deals more efficiently by viewing all emails, activities, notes, files, and other information in one place. Use this deal tracking software to keep all information organized and improve the deal flow for your business.

  • tick BigContact Track sales pipeline
  • tick BigContact All emails, tasks & notes in one place
  • tick BigContact Organize all clients & prospects
  • tick BigContact Improve connects & deal closure

Close More Deals With Marketing Automation

Email marketing & CRM in one

Grow your sales by combining email marketing and CRM. Track the current status of your deals to share personalized emails at the right time. Qualify and prioritize deals more effectively by viewing all information and previous touches in one place. Track upcoming activities for your team members and assign incoming leads to them accordingly.

  • tick BigContact Automate follow up emails to close more sales
  • tick BigContact Score & identify high value deals
  • tick BigContact Assign leads to the right team member
  • tick BigContact Track lead & deal status
Close More Deals With Marketing Automation

Automate Deal Funnel Tracking

Close more deals with automation
Automate Deal Funnel Tracking

Reach out to prospects at the most suitable time with automation. Get notified every time a lead takes an action and keep deals moving through your sales funnel automatically. Set up actions for custom triggers to avoid delays and schedule drip email campaigns for timely and personalized follow-ups.

  • tick BigContact Automate workflow & save hours
  • tick BigContact Set up alerts & reminders
  • tick BigContact Define triggers for automated actions
  • tick BigContact Personalize emails & reach out at the right time

Generate Insightful Reports

Use powerful analytics for better business outcomes
Generate Insightful Reports

Eliminate the guesswork from your sales process and get actionable insights with this deal pipeline tracking software. Track your team’s progress to bring more accountability and transparency to your operations. Make more accurate forecasts with deal funnel tracking.

  • tick BigContact Make accurate revenue forecasts
  • tick BigContact Monitor team performance
  • tick BigContact Discover actionable sales insights
  • tick BigContact Track any metric of your choice

Analyze Deals to Streamline Sales Processes

Optimize your sales cycle by monitoring deals closely
Analyze Deals to Streamline Sales Processes

Monitor and optimize your deal closing rate with powerful analytics. Use BIGContacts deal management CRM to keep track of all deals, monitor your team members’ performances, and identify areas of improvement.

  • tick BigContact Track stalled sales opportunities
  • tick BigContact Discover areas for improvement
  • tick BigContact Measure team members’ performance
  • tick BigContact Track activities that drive conversions

Establish a Consistent Deal Flow

Keep deals moving at all times
Establish a Consistent Deal Flow

Advance prospects through your sales cycle by establishing a standardized and simplified flow. Close more deals with the help of deal flow management software that allows you to maximize your sales productivity. Leverage the power of automation to improve your deal flow and increase your revenue.

  • tick BigContact Maximize sales productivity
  • tick BigContact Customize workflow
  • tick BigContact Simplify processes
  • tick BigContact Automate repetitive tasks

Get Things Done Delightfully

Super simple to use with 24x7 instant support
Get Things Done Delightfully

BIGContacts is designed for simplicity. Use this delightfully simple deal management software to close more sales. Find all data in one place, move deals along easily, enhance internal communication and stay updated at all times.

Integrate it with your favorite tools so you can manage everything related to your deals without leaving the platform.

  • tick BigContact Designed for simplicity & small teams
  • tick BigContact Move deals with drag & drop UI
  • tick BigContact Collaborate with team members
  • tick BigContact Access data anytime, anywhere

Why Choose BIGContacts Deal Management CRM?

Delightfully Simple to Use

BIGContacts is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use and is perfect for small-medium businesses.

AI-Powered Reports & Analytics

Make more accurate forecasts for your business with powerful analytics and smart reporting.

Delightful 24x7 Customer Support

We’re here to help if you need us. BIGContacts provides 24x7 instant support via chat, call, or email.

Connects with Your Favorite Tools

Easily connect BIGContacts with other business tools to keep data synchronized and updated.

We Believe Software Should Make You Happy

We are building a 100-year company with awesome human support

We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

BIGContacts Features

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