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Integrate Sales & Support

Delight customers by aligning sales & support
Integrate Sales & Support

Sales and support are often separated, which can result in communication errors and dissatisfied customers. BIGContacts CRM helpdesk provides easy access to essential contact data, so your support team knows their detailed history. At the same time, it pulls in support tickets from your helpdesk account, allowing you to view and manage them easily. Your customers will always feel supported and understood with this combination.

  • tick BigContact View CRM data in helpdesk
  • tick BigContact View ticket history in CRM
  • tick BigContact Foster collaboration
  • tick BigContact Improve customer experiences

Prioritize High-Value Clients

Track customer tickets effortlessly
Prioritize High-Value Clients

Support teams can prioritize tickets for higher-value customers and important prospects with access to the right data. CRM makes it easy to track prospects, campaigns, and sales. Helpdesk software allows your business to speed up issue resolution and offer delightful support experiences. The combination of both enables you to sort and view contacts by pending or upcoming activity, opportunity, last contact, or last communication. Our unified sales, marketing, and support CRM helpdesk system makes it easy to automate messages, follow-up, tasks, and reminders.

  • tick BigContact Prioritize tickets for important prospects
  • tick BigContact Track prospects, email campaigns & pipeline
  • tick BigContact Sort contacts by priority status
  • tick BigContact Automate reminders & follow-ups

Get Repeat Sales

Keep customers returning to your business
Get Repeat Sales

With CRM customer service and support integration, you can build a loyal customer base. Customer information can be shared across sales and support, making it easy for representatives to deliver outstanding results. When you bridge the gap between sales and support, you pave the way for improved customer experience and a lower churn rate.

  • tick BigContact Offer delightful support
  • tick BigContact Get reselling opportunities
  • tick BigContact Bridge gap between sales & support
  • tick BigContact Reduce churn & retain more customers

360° View of All Customer Data

Get to know your customers
360° View of All Customer Data

Manage your prospect and customer relationships with an integrated customer support CRM accessible on any device. Keep all your emails in one place for easy tracking and improved engagement. Track tasks, opportunities, sales, support tickets, meetings, and notes with ease. Sort and view by priority status and previous touches to quickly identify opportunities. Customize the issue resolution workflow to fit your needs

  • tick BigContact Access all information in one place
  • tick BigContact View previous emails & existing tickets
  • tick BigContact Share data easily
  • tick BigContact Track tasks, tickets, meetings & notes

CRM Helpdesk Software - What Is It?

Streamline customer relationships & issue resolution
CRM Helpdesk Software - What Is It?

CRM helpdesk software is designed to foster collaboration between sales and support teams. With unified access to CRM data and support tickets, businesses can improve customer engagement and resolve issues more promptly. CRM with helpdesk also helps track the priority status of support tickets, preventing any frustration for the customers. All of this contributes to stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

  • tick BigContact Enables sales & support teams to work together
  • tick BigContact Communicate with customers
  • tick BigContact View and manage tickets
  • tick BigContact Build long-lasting relationships

Why Choose BIGContacts?

Intuitive interface

BIGContacts CRM helpdesk has an intuitive interface making it easy to use and perfect for small businesses and start-ups.

AI-powered reports

Measure the effectiveness of your CRM and helpdesk activities with smart reports.

Mobile access

View support tickets and contact data by accessing the helpdesk CRM using any device to get in touch with customers at the perfect moment.

Automate tasks

Create an automated workflow for your team to enhance productivity and get automatic reminders to provide seamless customer experiences.

Task management

View every pending ticket and quickly identify who is responsible for which account with powerful activity tracking.

Overcome Sales & Customer Support Challenges

Empower customer-facing staff
Overcome Sales & Customer Support Challenges

Customer-facing teams, i.e., sales and support, require efficient helpdesk CRM software to craft delightful experiences. Efficient data synchronization between sales and support helps deliver more personalized solutions. Using data collected from the BIGContacts CRM helpdesk system, customer-facing representatives can discover the perfect opportunity to engage with customers. CRM online support also boosts collaboration and contributes to enhanced productivity.

  • tick BigContact Sync sales & support data
  • tick BigContact Personalize interactions
  • tick BigContact Get in touch at the right time
  • tick BigContact Collaborate efficiently

Connect BIGContacts With Your Favorite Help Desk Software

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Our Delighted Customers

  • Robust, easy to use and has the best support
    BigContacts seems to be the best way to extract data, contact information has all the addresses, tasks, and notes in one place, making it easier for everyone to keep track of what is going on with each company.
    Melanie P
    Melanie P,

    Sales Manager

  • All the important functionality without the expense
    BigContacts is simple to use and has all the important functionality we need without a lot of unnecessary functions that make other applications more complicated and expensive.
    John G
    John G,

    Sales Director, Leisure, Travel & Tourism

  • Less cluttered and complicated than
    I have always felt is too complex and has information not required cluttering the interface. BigContacts is clean and easy to use making staff more effective.
    David H
    David H,

    President, Consumer Goods

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