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Customize Email and Letter Templates with Web Based CRM

With BIGContacts, you have always been able create custom Email and Letter Templates that would merge standard (core) contact information into the body of either template type.

We have recently expanded this customization to include custom fields.

You can now merge data from any custom field that you have created in our system. This new feature allows you to deliver a look of even greater personalization as you communicate with your clients and prospects, thus enhancing the overall value of the conversation you are creating with these templates.

Here is a view of where you will find the Email and Letter Template section within our system. We provide tips and techniques for you within each section.

Any custom data field may be used by encasing it in {{contact.and}}. For example, if your custom field were ‘Article Published’, you would enter {{Article Published}}. Make sure to enter it exactly as you have it in the system, including any spacing and capitals.

Don’t let automated emails and letters make your company look canned and impersonal. Create the custom fields that you need in BIGContacts to track key information for your business. Then deliver this information automatically and effortlessly through these templates.

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