When working with a large territory, especially ones that have many smaller customers, tracking your opportunities can be tricky. Balancing the time spent on following-up on opportunities with the time spent acquiring new business is difficult for even the most experienced sales professional.

According to Rick Reynolds, the CEO of AskForensics, in an interview, 37% of companies questioned in one of the AskForensics studies said sales team actions or lack thereof was the top reason they did not buy from a company. However, CRM (customer relationship management) software is specifically designed to streamline the process of keeping track of opportunities in the pipeline.

By entering sales opportunities into the CRM, the opportunity becomes sharable with fellow team members and managers. As a sales representative, you can keep all of the notes on discussions with the customer regarding the opportunity and any notes a team member has added – all in the same place. This central repository for information creates faster turnaround times when it comes to following up on customer requests and it virtually eliminates any time needed to compare notes with team members. As a manager, you can track the progress made on any opportunity of interest in the pipeline of the sales representatives that report to you.

In addition, you can set CRM to automatically assign tasks reminding you to follow up at just the right times during the entire sales process.  While you’re at it, why not automate some of the “touches” you will need to make during the sales process to ensure you stay top-of-mind in order to maximize your odds of winning the business when your prospect is ready to take action?

A well designed CRM software, such as BigContacts, will make any sales professional’s life easier, especially when it comes to tracking opportunities in a pipeline. Opportunity tracking is one of the most vital skills for successful selling. With CRM software, pipeline maintenance becomes more streamlined and less time-consuming.

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