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Our subscribers frequently ask us about what they can do to further increase the speed of BigContacts and other web based applications they use on a regular basis.

Based on these inquiries we put together a Web Performance Page on our website. This page will give you tips for tuning your browser to deliver a better experience for you while in BigContacts or surfing some other area of the web.

There are a variety of situations that can exist to create a slower web connection.

  • The web browser you are using is slow and/or may have plug-ins that are causing issues.
  • Your modem or router is experiencing trouble and may need to be reset.
  • Your local internet connection can intermittently run slow.
  • There could be an internet connection issue somewhere between you and our servers.
  • Our application/server could be temporarily experiencing unusually heavy loads.

One or more of these tips can improve your web experience:

  • Upgrade your Browser
    • We support 4 major browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. You can decide how fast you would like to surf the web by reviewing the browser performance comparisons on this new web page.

A browser is the engine that drives your performance on the web. We encourage you to take a moment to make sure it is tuned so that it will perform better for you.

You won’t believe the extra “mileage” you can get out of a day with a properly tuned browser.

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