Our subscribers frequently ask us about what they can do to increase the speed of BigContacts and other web-based applications they use on a regular basis.

Based on these inquiries, we put together a Web Performance Page on our website. This page will give you tips for tuning your browser to deliver a better experience for you while in BigContacts or surfing some other area of the web.

There Are a Variety of Situations That Can Exist to Create a Slower Web Connection

  • The web browser you are using is slow and/or may have plug-ins that are causing issues.
  • Your modem or router is experiencing trouble and may need to be reset.
  • Your local internet connection can intermittently run slow.
  • There could be an internet connection issue somewhere between you and our servers.
  • Our application/server could be temporarily experiencing unusually heavy loads.

One or More of These Tips Can Improve Your Web Experience

Upgrade Your Browser:

We support four major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. You can decide how fast you would like to surf the web by reviewing the browser performance comparisons on this new web page.

Learn how to Disable Browser Plugins and add-ons:

Reset Your Router and Modem:

A browser is the engine that drives your performance on the web. We encourage you to take a moment to make sure it is tuned so that it will perform better for you.

You won’t believe the extra “mileage” you can get out of a day with a properly tuned browser.

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