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5 Resources for Marketing Your Small Business

Marketing your small business can be tough. After all, you didn’t enter the league of entrepreneurs because of your marketing expertise, but because you had a great idea that you’d just love to present to your customers.

Which brings up the next question: how do you let potential customers know about your business? That’s where we can help! Check out 5 small business resources below that will be perfect for helping you market your business and spread the word about your product or service.

1) Inc.com

You may have heard about Inc. Magazine, a publication that provides “Everything you need to know to start and grow your business now.” No wonder it’s number one in our list! In addition to its print publication, the magazine also provides regular email newsletters, an active social media presence on 5 networks, and a number of podcast to help small business owners gather intelligence about running their business – from marketing to managing finances. In other words, it’s a great resource to help you both start and grow your small business.

2) Entrepreneur.com

This website is a close relative (or competitor, depending on how you look at it) of Inc.com, with many of the same resources available – from small business tips to newsletters and a print publication. Where it differs is in presentation: Inc.com may be too flashy for many small business owners, while Entrepreneur.com keeps it simply with a single column of new articles and a variety of easy-to-understand categories.

We especially love the “Starting a Business” section, which is full of tips concerning business ideas, writing a business plan, and more. Looking to expand your business? “Growth Strategies” is worth a look!

3) SmallBizTrends.com

Whereas Inc.com and Entrepreneur.com both aim to be catch-all resource sites for small business ownership with topics ranging from marketing strategy to day-to-day operations, SmallBizTrends.com (as the name suggests) focuses on more immediate news and trends within your industry. Regularly visiting the website means staying up-to-date with the latest trends and case studies in social media marketing, hiring strategies, environmentally business practices and much more.

4) Business2Community

All of the above three resources are great ways to get news, trends and industry from small business experts. But they also share a top-down approach, which is what separates them from Business2Community. According to its website, the service aims to

create an open community where business professionals can establish their thought leadership, increase exposure for their business/organization, and network with others. We aim to provide a balanced view of the current business landscape based on industry news and trends, as well as the real-life experiences from our 10,000+ expert contributors.

In other words, it’s a democratic space for small business owners to share their real-life experience in all aspects of managing a business. Go to Inc.com and Entrepreneur.com for your tutorials and tips, to SmallBizTrends.com for news and trends, and to Business2Community.com to hear how other businesses have implemented and are handling these trends.

5) Your Marketing Partners

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention what might be the single greatest resource when it comes to marketing your small business: your marketing partners. These may include your marketing agency, your stakeholders, your CRM provider, and others. They are not only experts in marketing, they also have plenty of experience in helping small businesses like yours promote their services and get the best-possible ROI.

Which of the above resources is the best one for you? That depends entirely on your individual needs. But if we have to pick one, we’d choose your marketing partners – because chances are they use the other resources to inform their decisions already. And if you’re ready to engage with potential marketing partners to ensure that your small business can prosper and grow, contact us!

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