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Engage contacts with social media

Monitor & engage in conversations that take place every day through Social media as they happen – increasing the likelihood that you will convert more prospects into customers and help you to build even better relationships with the customers you already have.  At BigContacts we offer 3 different tools for monitoring and connecting with your contacts through Social Media.

I. SocialPro

With SocialPro, anytime you add or update a contact in your BigContacts account we instantly search more than 100 sources to automatically update social profile information and photos - using only their email address.   With this new automated method of updating the Social Media information for your contacts we can help you quickly gain a better understanding of where your contacts hangout online, their interests, their influence and what they’re saying.

BigContacts - Social Media Integration

Adding New Contacts

Whether you’re importing new contacts or adding a new individual contact into your BigContacts account, we will automatically begin to search the web for that contact’s social media presence to populate as many of the social networks that we can find.  You simply add the contact(s) as you have always done and with the SocialPro module active in your account we handle the rest for you. 

In some cases it can take a few minutes to get results back but you will begin to see the various social media badges populate within the contact record and if we find a photo online for this person you will also see this appear in their contact record.

Below is an example of an actual BigContacts contact record and the data that was found online using their email address.  You can see that this person is very active with Social Media as they have a presence on a dozen different networks.

Updating Existing Contacts

Updating a single contact record.  Let’s say you’re in a contact record and would like to refresh their record to check for Social Media updates.  Simply click on the “Action Items” in their record (your one button to manage any aspect of this contact) and select the link labeled “Update Profile” and in a matter of a few minutes we will scan the entire web in search of anything new presence or updates in the Social sphere.

BigContacts Social Media Updates

Update your entire contact list.    Maybe it’s been a while and you want to do a quick scan of all your contacts to check for Social Media updates.  That’s OK as we have an option for that too!  In the image below you will see that with two short steps you’re on your way to grabbing all the latest information that we can find simply by using the email address for each of your contacts.  You will click on the “Admin” tab and then and then choose the link labeled “Update Social Profiles for all Contacts”.

BigContacts Social Media Search

II. Twitter monitoring

We offer an integration with Twitter to allows you to easily monitor conversations that take place across your network of contacts.   This activity scrolls across the top of your BigContacts screen as updates are posted.  You can easily click on any one of these updates to view this new information as it is posted.

With BigContacts “Social Listening”, you are empowering your team to listen and engage with your customers and prospects. By effectively listening and engaging your contacts, we think that this can truly help transform the way you do business. 

BigContacts Social Media Ticker

You now have real-time/streaming feeds for all of those that you follow on Twitter.  In order to keep this information front and center and to make sure that is visible to you no matter where you are in your BigContacts account, we had created what we call our “Social Media Ticker”.  As information is updated for either one of these social media networks, they will appear across the top of the screen in this ticker and in the chronological order that they occur. In other words, you will see Twitter updates appear together as they occur in this ticker.

Think of this as a stock ticker tape that you see when looking at a financial news program. You see the prices of your favorite stocks scrolling across the bottom or top of the screen.  In this case the BigContacts Social Media Ticker will always be visible at the top of your screen no matter where you are in your account.

Here is a close-up view of what you will see when looking at the ticker feed. 

Viewing the Details of a Social Media Feed

Directly from the Social Media Ticker you can hover over the social media icon  and you will see the following popover that reads “View Feed”.  You can click directly on this logo and it will take you to your feed for that social media network. This will allow you to not only see this item, you can see all others that have recently occurred as well.

Viewing the Social Media Profile of the Contact

If instead, you would like to go directly to the profile of the contact this has recently posted a tweet on Twitter, you can click on either the logo/photo of the contact or you can click directly on their name. This will open a new tab and take you directly to their profile for that social media network.

BigContacts Social Media Ticker - Detail Page

In addition to the Social Media Ticker you see the top of your screen, you can also click on the orange button as shown below in the upper right-hand corner to expand this view. In this view we show you the last 50 updates.

You will also notice that for a more lengthy Twitter comment you can see all of the details of that comment including any links that they have added while in this detail view. We have hyperlinked any of the links that you will see in these feeds that you can click on and be taken directly to the information that they are referencing.

III. Social Media bookmarks

Inside each contact record you can add direct links to each contact’s social media networks. You are essentially creating a “bookmark” inside the contact record that allows you (with one click) to gain direct access to each of their social media account(s).

This has proven to be a great feature for many of our customers but does require manual entry of the social media account URLs/links.

Many of you may already know that we have had Social Media Bookmarks available in BigContacts for some time now.  These bookmarks allow you to create one-click access to a contact’s social media accounts right from their contact record.  This is a great way to quickly and effectively communicate with your contacts through any one of a number of Social Media channels.

Below is a screenshot that will show you exactly where you will see the Social Media bookmarks that give you that one-click access. 

BigContacts Social Media Bookmarks