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Contact Dashboard

Manage your prospects and customer relationships by keeping track of all contacts, calendars and tasks—in one platform.  With BigContacts, you can easily capture and store all communications with your contacts—including notes, calls, meetings, tasks, files, photos, email and sales opportunities.

Contact Record

With BigContacts, you can easily capture and store all communications with your contacts—including notes, calls, meeting, tasks, files, photos, email and sales opportunities.

  • Social Media Integration
    Create a direct link to multiple social media networks for a contact. This will not only allow you to stay socially connected with your contacts but fuel your marketing campaigns, as well.  (Available on the BIGGEST Plan only)
  • Google Maps
    With this feature, all you have to do is click on the Maps icon next to the address and a new browser will appear—allowing you to get directions online or send them to your email or mobile device. Talk about convenient! 
  • Contact Photo, Title and Division
    Locate each contact quicker by name, photo, title and division.
  • Phone, Email and Address Fields
    With BigContacts you can add as many phone numbers, emails and addresses as you need for each contact.
  • Custom Fields, Groups and Categories
    Get unlimited custom text fields and picklists in order to properly categorizes and track the various types of contacts in your database.

Contact Record Organization

Want to take things a step further? Good, so did we. With BigContacts you can divide your contact records into four main sections: Personal, Business, Spouse and Family.

  • Contact History Folders 
    With BigContacts, your history folders act as your file system in the cloud—you can access and maintain them easily while staying organized.
  • Better Organization
    To streamline the dashboard view and help you better organize your data, we have consolidated the history folders. In each one you can sort using various columns to better filter through and find key data as you review a contact’s history.
  • You can also add, view and edit notes directly in the contact record—allowing you to manage and prepare for upcoming meetings.

BigContacts - Contact Dashboard