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Quickly & easily access your contacts on any mobile device.

BigContacts will work on any Smartphone or Tablet and is included as part of your BigContacts subscription. Mobile access is included at NO additional cost!  You can view and manage all your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Sales Opportunities—right from the palm of your hand.  Our system will automatically resize to fit perfectly on any mobile device.  No app required.


Simple Navigation Menu

Quickly navigate anywhere in the system with just two steps: open menu and select a tab.

BigContacts Mobile - Contact record              BigContacts_Mobile_-_simple_navigation.jpg

Manage Contact Records & View Contact History

Instant access to meetings, tasks, opportunities and contact history.  Stay up-to-date on all customer & prospect activity.

BigContacts Mobile - manage your contacts              BigContacts Mobile - view contact history

Manage your Team Calendar & Tasks

View your Calendar & Tasks with one click.   Make sure nothing falls through the cracks while you’re out of the office.

BigContacts Mobile - view calendar              BigContacts Mobile - view task list

The mobile edition is not a downloadable APP and does not require access to an app store. It will work from any mobile device and never requires updating to take full advantage of our latest updates.