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A mobile device isn’t just a handy communication item. For the average American, it’s practically a body part. Smartphones sit on the dinner table, snuggle with us in bed and, although few will admit it, accompany us to the bathroom. Leaving your phone at home may even send you into full-fledged panic mode. Without your mobile device within arm’s reach, you feel cut off from the world. What if there’s an emergency? What if your boss calls? What if you need to Google the population of Papua New Guinea while standing in the grocery store check-out line?

It’s no secret the world has gone mobile, but has your CRM gotten the memo? Despite the shift to a more mobile society, many companies are still using non-mobile-friendly CRM solutions. Here are a few of the reasons a mobile CRM can enhance your business processes:

Mobile CRMs Offers Flexibility

Depending on your industry, it’s unlikely your entire sales and marketing team stays seated at their office workstation for the duration of a work day. In fact, some sales representatives may only see the inside of their office a few times a month. Whether your team members are down the hall, or on the other side of the globe, you can count on one thing: they almost always have their mobile device nearby. In fact, according to SophosLabs, the average person carries 2.9 mobiles devices at a time.

Mobile CRMs allow your team to access the information they need from anywhere, at anytime, with the click of a button (or the tap of a screen). This constant connectivity allows employees to get work done on-the-go. They no longer have to wait until they’re back in the office, or even near a computer, to gain access to your database. Fewer obstacles translates into higher productivity, more time dedicated to customer interaction and, consequently, greater revenue.

Mobile CRMs Streamline the Sales Process

Ideally, your sales and marketing department would focus the majority of their time earning customer trust and building relationships. Unfortunately administrative tasks can quickly eat up a significant portion of your employee’s workday. If your CRM tool does not have mobile capabilities, tasks such as logging new leads, updating contact information, assigning tasks to other team members and reviewing reporting have to wait until your employees are back at their desk.

With a mobile CRM, however, team members can quickly add and review pertinent information while waiting to board a flight, or in the elevator following a customer call. This way, not only is information always readily available, it’s much more likely to remain current.

Even better, if your mobile CRM has a calendar integration, sales and marketing reps can receive reminders to complete important tasks. With everything located in one central hub, there’s no more switching between devices to get the job done.

Although using a traditional, non-mobile CRM may not seem to affect your productivity, the transition to mobile is growing exponentially. Choosing to forego mobile integration gives your competitors a greater edge. However, adopting a mobile-friendly CRM now will assist you in future-proofing your sales and marketing processes.

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