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Managing customer relationships is something that seems easy when a business is small, but once the company experiences a good amount of growth, it becomes obvious that something must be done in order to keep up with increasing demands. The best thing to do in this case is improve your efficiency. Thanks to CRM software, it’s surprisingly easy to achieve such an improvement. Here are a few ways you can get more done every day by using CRM software:

Check the Status of Current Contacts

CRM software lets you keep track of the contacts your company has had with both prospects and customers, and even better, allows this information to be shared between departments with no need for meetings. This makes it so you can jump right into your day and get on with closing those sales.

Get Detailed Reports on Each Contact

Good CRM software doesn’t just tell you who was contacted and when. It also allows notes to be made about prior communications, any commitments that were made, and who has been in contact with the client. Having all of this information at your fingertips will eliminate the need for meetings even more.

Automate Contact With Prospects and Customers

The days where contact automation took the form of a simple autoresponder are over. Now, you can use your CRM to send out highly personalized emails with perfect timing. For example, if a customer mentions that his daughter is graduating from high school in a month, you can type out a congratulatory email on the spot but have it go out when the time is right. Your ability to act immediately ensures that the task won’t be forgotten – and makes you look extremely attentive when graduation day arrives.

CRM software is also a huge time saver when it comes to sending out boilerplate emails. For example, if you always send out a follow-up email to prospects a week after you talk to them, you can easily automate this thanks to the software’s contact log and its emailing feature.

Even the timing of follow-up phone calls can be controlled by the software. Since the phone calls themselves still have to come from real people, this is done by having your CRM software send a reminder to the right person when it’s time to place the call.

All of this automation will greatly help your time management by freeing you from the repetitive tasks that would ordinarily eat up your mornings. Even when tasks require some hands-on activity, such as calling prospects, you’ll be saved from the job of looking up which ones to call and then digging their information out of a spreadsheet or ledger. The software will present you with everything you need to know to get right to the actual job at hand.

Automating Inter-Departmental Communication and Record Keeping

This type of communication can take up hours’ worth of time every day as people write each other emails with updates about every account and order, wait for updates from other departments, and request the resending of lost information. CRM software eliminates all of this in one shot. When the software is updated by anyone, the information goes live and every department with the proper permissions has instant access to all of the latest data. These are just some of the powerful ways that CRM software can help you improve your time management and keep up with the increasing demands of a successful business.

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