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Organizing your daily tasks with pen and paper is a thing of the past. There is a much better way to do things thanks to technology, more specifically CRM software.

Relying on software to organize your daily activities makes keeping track of your tasks a lot easier, fosters communication with your team and can even lead to better performances. Automation features contribute to lowering your workload as a supervisor or manager and reporting tools help you keep an eye on how everyone in your team is doing.

These are the main features and advantages of relying on CRM software for task and workflow management:

  • CRM software works as a central point of access for all the data you need for your job. You can access your calendar, task lists and contacts from one interface. This is an easy way to glance at the tasks still ahead of you or to quickly access specific information about an account or a task.
  • Notifications and reminders help you stay on top of what is important. You can configure your reminders to automatically send emails with all the relevant details about a task. This is a great way to communicate with your team and make sure nothing important is overlooked. CRM software can also send notifications to remind you of important tasks coming up or draw attention to something that is overdue.
  • CRM software will boost your productivity if you are a visual person. The convenient interface, calendar and to do list provide you with a view of all your tasks. Getting a visual overview makes it easier to prioritize important tasks and literally helps you keep the big picture in mind.
  • Automation features reduce your workload if your job description includes assigning tasks to a team. You can configure CRM software to automatically create new tasks and send automated reminders. For instance, CRM software can be used to generate a task like as calling a client a couple of weeks after they placed an order. The main advantage of this feature is that you can customize it in function of what works best for your sales funnel.
  • Reports help you keep track of what you and your team do. You can review all the tasks that were automatically generated or manually added. Reports will help you identify patterns and keep track of your sales numbers as well. You might notice that there are some recurring issues that denote a need for a different organization, for instance with a specific type of tasks being consistently overdue.
  • Reports help you assess performances too. CRM software compiles information on all the tasks entered into the system and give you an overview of what your team accomplishes. You can also access data on each user. These features will help you identify the strongest assets to your sales team and identify which members might need additional training.

CRM software is a must-have tool if you need a way to organize your workflow and daily activities. This technology combines several aspects of your daily duties and business processes in one convenient interface and gives you all the tools you need to communicate with your team and review performances.

CRM software provides you and your sales team with a centralized command center from which you can manage all your important tasks, plan your next move and review what you have accomplished so far. You will not find a more convenient way of organizing your workflow and choosing a web-based solution allows everyone in your team to access the platform at any time on any device.

BigContacts offers web-based CRM solutions at a very affordable price. Besides organizing your workflow, you can rely on these CRM solutions to manage email marketing campaigns or to optimize your sales funnel. Contact us to learn more about CRM and find out how the solutions we offer could benefit your sales team.

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