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To achieve the best ROI for your CRM, it is essential to make use of all the functionality included with the software. While this statement seems obvious, the truth is that you may be overlooking some of the more interesting features of our CRM solution.

Like tools in a tool box, these features can be used in multiple ways to achieve better sales automation for your small business. In fact, used correctly, many of these features provide a “big business” experience for a small business price.

As with many other areas of life, successful selling involves good timing. If you were to take a poll of your sales staff and ask them how many of them have missed a sale because of a poorly timed communication with a lead, they will likely all say it has happened to them on multiple occasions. How can CRM software help?

Calendars and Task Notifications

CRM software provides a way to automate certain sales processes and manage the workflow of your sales staff. One such tool is the calendar feature, which allows your entire sales staff to stay on the same page regarding sales meetings and team events and endeavors.

For your individual sales team members, the daily reminders feature or the instant task notification gives a sales person a quick, accessible view of what his/her day will entail at any given moment, whether in the office or on the road.

The “Wait for..” Feature

As part of our marketing automation suite of tools, there is a feature called “Wait for”. What does it do, and why is it important?

Your CRM captures communication from multiple social media channels, as well as more traditional methods of communication. Automation helps you keep track of how your customers are interacting with your business, when they are interacting, and what their interactions are.

The “Wait for..” feature allows you to set pre-determined actions based on customer engagement. For instance, if your sales process involves contacting a lead immediately after that lead fills out a request form on your website, your CRM can be set to automatically send out an email with relevant information to the lead.

Meanwhile, you receive notification that this interaction has occurred. Other triggers can be built into the system with the “Wait for..” feature. You can pre-determine the frequency  as well as the content of the interaction. And because your CRM contains robust analytic reporting features, you can follow your leads all the way through the sales funnel easily and seamlessly.

Analytics that Promote Best Practices

On the subject of analytics, there are several advantages to be considered. For instance, your CRM can capture information that helps you to more clearly define and predict customer behavior. With reporting features that drill down to details like what time of day is the most productive in terms of email open rates, or what day of the week is the most likely to prompt customer interaction, you can customize your email drip campaigns to coincide more closely with typical customer behaviors.

This type of information is invaluable to your company, as it informs your marketing and sales strategies as to time, method and content relevance. Informed decisions in these areas enable you to make the most use of your available marketing budget. For small businesses, this type of detail can be the difference between the success or failure of your campaigns and ultimately, your enterprise as a whole.

These are just a few of the many features of our robust CRM solution. Take a few moments to read reviews from our current customers on our website, as these reviews mention other features of our CRM software that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations daily. For a free demonstration of how our CRM software can work for you, contact us today to start your no-hassle, 30-day free trial.

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