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Any small business owner knows: selling your products or services is at once the easiest and the most difficult process in all of management. The transaction itself is easy. But to get to that point, you have to find a relevant audience and convince them that your product is perfect for them, meeting a crucial and urgent unmet need.

That’s where smart selling enters the equation. The concept stands for a sales process that is driven by customer knowledge along with an integration between marketing and sales. In other words, as its name suggests, smart selling for small businesses means promoting and selling your product to the most relevant audience at the most relevant time possible.

Of course, that sounds pretty complicated. But it doesn’t have to be! In fact, Customer Relationship Management software can help you improve your sales and marketing integration, ensuring that you sales efforts are both smart and effective. To be exact, CRM can help your smart selling efforts in 3 distinct ways:

1) Analyzing Your Processes

Here’s a simple truth: small selling depends heavily on analytics. Without tracking your individual campaigns and understanding your audience, you have no way of knowing whether what you’re doing is actually successful. That’s why digital analytics are crucial to the success of your smart selling efforts, and it’s also why CRM can be a valuable asset to your sales processes.

Thanks to features like a Sales Manager Report, you can understand where your leads come from, how they convert, and how likely you’ll be to close the deal. Meanwhile, Analyzing the success of your emails, social media posts and links allows you to gain insight into which channels most effectively generate leads that convert to customers. The extensive analytical capabilities of your CRM can both inform and improve your sales efforts.

2) Social Media Integration

Regardless on your industry, a simple fact about your target audience’s behavior is increasingly likely to be true: your potential customers will spend a significant amount of their daily life on the social media network(s) of their choice. That means you should extend your marketing efforts to your audience’s preferred social media outlet, but it also means that social media is an underrated tool for information gathering.

Let’s review the main purpose of any CRM: To create a comprehensive database of current and future customers, improving the ability to manage relationships with these stakeholders. So what if we told you that a quality CRM can help you do just that? Take our social media integration as an example, which pulls in information about your contacts from social media networks based simply on email addresses. Without ever actually doing work, your database will fill out with relevant information that helps you sell smarter.

3) After-Sales Follow-Up

After the sale is before the sale. The revenue gained by repeat customers is an often-overlooked factor in the allure of gaining new customers, but the fact remains that marketing to existing customers results in far higher success rates and return on investment than trying to gain the trust of a first-time buyer.

To understand how CRM software can help you leverage your existing customers, one only has to consider what its acronym stands for: Customer Relationship Management software. As a database that captures your potential and current customers, it allows you to quickly access and utilize contact information for existing customers to continue your sales efforts.

Make no mistake: considering its incredible success rates, sales efforts to existing customers are the epitome of smart selling. A CRM helps you focus on these sales efforts in the most effective way possible.

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