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No doubt you have seen it happen before. A once productive sales person loses focus, goes into a sales slump, and hits a professional wall. For a small business, sales burnout can cause a cascading series of disappointing sales figures, seriously missed projections and plummeting profits.

The good news is that there is something that can be done to help your sales staff avoid burnout. Small businesses utilizing sales automation software find success in warding off sales burnout. Why can that be said?

If you ask your sales force what the most discouraging part of their job is, you would likely hear that customer apathy is a large contributor to burnout. Sales people who feel forced to work with what they consider to be unqualified leads lose enthusiasm quickly. CRM software helps alleviate this problem in several ways.

How CRM Banishes Burnout

  • CRM software helps your staff see where a lead actually is in the sales funnel. When your staff has access to up-to-the-minute information about leads, it is easier for them to prioritize their workload so that no qualified lead falls through the cracks. In the same way, CRM software can signal when it is time to back away from a lead that is not likely to become qualified right away.
  • Because CRM software contains a specific task and workflow management feature, a sales person can quickly see what his/her agenda looks like for each day, week, or month. CRM eliminates the time-sucking scramble at the end of the day to see what is on tap for tomorrow.
  • Sales burnout occurs most often in a sales person who has had a stream of deals that, for one reason or another, simply do not pan out. CRM software allows you, as a sales manager, to quickly spot problem areas for your staff. With CRM software, you can generate reports specific to each sales person or customer. If you see a worrisome pattern developing with a sales team member, you can take steps to support that sales person and ward off total burnout.
  • Because CRM is sales automation software, it takes some of the more mundane tasks away from your sales team, allowing them more time to do what they do best, communicating with clients and nurturing leads.
  • CRM software can lead to more productive sales meetings. Instead of spending time going down a to-do list of client calls, your team can actually spend meeting time on brainstorming fresh ideas to nurture clients. Since everyone on your team has access to what is going on with each lead, there is no need to rehash what has already happened. The content of your meeting will be information about strategy, with each team member contributing to and feeding from the ideas and enthusiasm of the group as a whole.
  • CRM software allows a sale manager to more closely understand the day-to-day performance of the entire staff. Armed with this information, a sales manager can capitalize on the various strengths of each team member. For instance, if a sales manager notices that one sales person is more adept at cold calls than another, it is possible to realign assignments to utilize that strength. By the same token, where weaknesses are found, a good sales manager can encourage collaboration and cross-training to get the entire team up to speed.

While CRM software cannot single-handedly eliminate the possibility of sales burnout, it can do much to support your sales team and ensure their success and satisfaction with their job. Used properly, it is a valuable tool in the hands of your skilled staff.

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