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BigContacts has just released our new Mobile Edition.  The BigContacts Mobile Edition is available on BigContacts 3.0 – our latest generation of web based CRM software.

We had three primary objectives when we set out to build this latest addition to the BigContacts suite of Contact Management/ CRM software tools.

  1. To build a mobile platform that would give our customers access to your important contact information from on any smartphone or tablet. The BigContacts Mobile Edition automatically adjusts the resolution to perfectly fit any smartphone or tablet screen size. (No more issue with trying to get an iPhone app to work on iPad for example). Resolution and fit is perfect every time!
  2. To build mobile platform that would give all customers instant access to all feature enhancements as we continue to develop this platform. No more releasing updates for the iPhone, then Android, then Blackberry etc. AND no longer any need to “download” the latest app.  All enhancements are immediately available to all users… regardless of the smart phone or tablet that you use.
  3. To build a mobile platform that delivers more functionality and would allow you to manage more contacts than what you find in a typical “app”.

With the BigContacts Mobile Edition you have access to the four primary pillars of a contact management/CRM system.  The BigContacts mobile edition gives you access to the following functionality…right in the palm of your hand.

  1. Add, Edit, View important information about ANY of your Contacts. No matter how big your contact database might be, the Mobile Edition handles the load and can quickly deliver just the information you need – when you need it.
  2. Add, Edit, View your meetings with direct access to your entire Calendar.
  3. Add, Edit, View your Task list. You can work and close your tasks directly from your smart phone or tablet.
  4. Add, Edit or View your Sales opportunities. Manage your entire sales pipeline while out of the office and don’t let another Customer relationship or Prospect slip through the cracks again!

Access the Mobile Edition from your Mobile device at:

  • Enter your current BigContacts username (your email address)
  • Enter your current BigContacts password

Below are a few screenshots of the NEW Mobile Edition on a SmartPhone.

Month View of the Calendar

One click access to and view of the
calendar. Locate a meeting and click
to view and/edit meeting details.

Day View of the Calendar

One click access to and view of the
calendar. Locate a meeting and click
to view and/edit meeting details.

BigContacts Mobile Edition - Month Calendar  BigContacts Mobile Edition - Day Calendar

View your Tasks

Track all your tasks to ensure that
nothing falls through the cracks
while out of the office.

Manage your Opportunities

Keep track of potential sales for
your Customers and Prospects
while out of the office.

BigContacts Mobile Edition - Task List  BigContacts Mobile edition - Opportunities

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