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What are the limitations of email marketing in regard to growing a business? Most business owners and marketers don’t understand just how far a newsletter can take you. In this blog, we’ll explain how you can grow your company solely with emails:

Increase customer loyalty

Buying a product online isn’t the same as going to a store. Yes, it’s more convenient for consumers, but the entire process is lacking a personal element.

Some businesses don’t make up for this in their online marketing campaigns. But, according to a recent Business 2 Community article, you can increase customer loyalty by sending transactional emails after online purchases:

“When a customer buys a product, pays via credit/debit card or even makes an online reservation, emails or text messages are generated based upon this activity. This type of communication provides the marketer with an immediate opportunity for another touch point with the consumer to deepen the relationship and buyer satisfaction.”

This is an easy, low-hanging opportunity to thank your customers for their business. Just a simple transactional email, which takes about five minutes to write, can make the difference in someone coming back to your business or considering your competitors.

Build relationships

An email marketing newsletter goes a bit deeper than other online marketing efforts. It’s perfect for building relationships with subscribers, giving them relevant information, and establishing credibility.

This Your Story article explains how email marketing is better than social media when it comes to building personal relationships:

“I would use social media as a discovery tool to find new customers, but when it comes to building a relationship with them, email would be my choice of communication. And without strong relationships, you cannot sell premium products to your customers. With email marketing automation such as Drip marketing emails and behavior-based emails, you can build relationships with your audience on automation.”

In general, social media is more shallow. That’s not a condemnation of the platform, it’s just not optimal for building relationships. If you want to create brand awareness and share content, however, then you’d be better off on Facebook or Twitter.

A subscriber’s inbox is personal. Signing up for your newsletter is like inviting you into their private life. The best part is that it’s exclusive — just this once, you won’t have to compete directly against other businesses.

Moving forward: Personalization

Looking to 2017, personalization will become even more important in the context of email marketing. Now that lots of companies are using it as a method to grow, you’ll have to raise the bar by going the extra mile.

That extra mile includes adding extra elements of personalization in each email. It’s no longer enough to send one mass general message out to all of your subscribers. According to a recent Street Fight article, you have to change your offer based on demographics:

“Personalization, in particular, is expected to grow in the coming year, as marketers pull out all the stops to make sure their messages get read. Offers based on demographic information, like age and sex, and offers based on purchase behavior were most successful in 2016.”

What interests one segment of your target audience might not interest the others. For optimal results, it’s best to break up your email marketing efforts into smaller pieces. The more specific your messages are, the more effort it requires, but the more effective your campaign will be.

There’s no real limit when it comes to growing your business with email marketing. As long as you put in the time, you’ll be able to build relationships and establish customer loyalty. To talk more about email marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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