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Are you looking to turn a greater percentage of your leads into customers? We’ve discussed the benefits of Customer Relationship Management software as it relates to this goal in detail. However, no technology will impact your close rate if you don’t get the message right. In fact, using the right language can make the difference in helping your business close more sales.

Focusing on Customer Benefits

Above all, you need to make sure that your final sales pitch – whether it occurs via email or in a direct, phone or personal conversation – focuses on your customer, not your company. It’s tempting to begin pitching the many features that make your product or service great. But you can relate to your customers much more easily if you tell them how exactly your offer actually benefits them.

Think about it. As a business customer, would you prefer to hear about our CRM that it offers ‘convenient email marketing’ tools, or that it can actually help them save time and optimize their email marketing efforts? Would specific case stories of how our CRM can accomplish these feats be more effective than a simple list of available tools?

Of course they would be. Focusing on the benefits and value your product or service provides can make the difference in bringing your leads out of the consideration and into the decision stage.

Optimize Your Closing Language

Naturally, you should also make sure that you close with a bang. Last month, HubSpot posted a number of phrases that can help your business close more sales, and their examples are instructive.

Above all, many of the closing statements listed by HubSpot are actually questions. That forces potential customers to make a decision and give a more detailed answer, rather than simply saying ‘I’ll consider it.’ Our personal favorite is this:

Is there any reason, if we gave you the product at this price, that you wouldn’t do business with our company?

Think about your customers options for potential answers. If they respond negatively, you have valuable feedback that you can use to improve your product and marketing/sales efforts over time. If they don’t, you know you’ve done all you can to close the deal.

Another common theme in the HubSpot article is providing next steps. Offer to send over the contract, or give hesitant leads the opportunity to try your product first. Take the initiative to suggest what comes next, and a large percentage of your leads will oblige.

The Importance of Consistency

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of consistency in trying to close sales. Among the biggest potential barriers for sales people is having to follow up on large marketing promises that are impossible to fulfill. For optimum success and close rates, integrate your message throughout the buyer’s journey to make sure that your audience hears the same values and benefits from the time they first hear about your brand to the time they’re ready to close the deal.

Not focusing on consistency invites cognitive dissonance, a surefire way to alienate leads and lose sales opportunities. Staying consistent means that your marketing and sales team have to work together closely – but will pay off with significantly higher close rates and brand authenticity.

Are you doing everything you can to help your business close more sales? In terms of technology, the answer may already be yes. You might already use a CRM, effectively reaching out to qualified leads who are ready to convert. But what about your language? If you don’t get your language right, you can lose out on plenty of sales opportunities. Strategically approaching your sales calls, on the other hand, is a sure way to success. To learn more about closing sales, and how our CRM software can help, contact us.

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