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As a small business owner, you’ve likely heard the following sentence countless times: you need to promote your business on social media. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t always as straightforward, and you probably don’t have the time to maintain multiple social media accounts while effectively running your business.

But that doesn’t make the above statement any less true. Chances are that your target audience spends almost 4 hours every day on social media, while more than 80% of small and medium-sized businesses use at least one social network to promote their products and services. If both your audience and your competitors are on social media, that means you need to be as well.

So how do you solve the conundrum of needing to be on the network without having the time? Fortunately, customer relationship management software can help. In fact, its social media integration is another way in which small business owners benefit from CRM software.

Contact Information

First, a CRM solution like ours does constant work in the background to update and complete your lead and customer database. Using only a contact’s email address, the CRM dynamically seeks out social network profiles created with the same address, and adds crucial information to the contact profile.

That information, in turn, is invaluable for you when segmenting and contacting your leads. As we’ve discussed on this blog in the past, you should always segment your leads for your digital campaigns, which allows you to send them more customized information about your business that relates to their individual needs and desires. The added information is also beneficial when it comes to making that crucial sales call,for the same reason.

Social Media Ticker

In addition, your CRM software can also help you stay updated with the conversations your contacts have about your company. Features like our social media ticker create customized dashboards of timelines from users and accounts that you follow.

As any experienced social media marketer knows, listening on the network is just as, if not more important than posting on the network. You always want to know what your audience is saying about you, and what conversations they have that you could tap into in order to relate to your contacts and make a sale more likely. Your CRM helps you listen in without expending the effort of searching out these conversations individually.

Content Calendar

Of course, you still need to post regularly on your social network of choice to maintain an active and successful social media presence. Fortunately, most CRMs (like ours) also include a variety of calendar integration options that, with a bit of creativity, enable you to create a content calendar.

That content calendar is more important to successful social media management than you think. Most small businesses, especially those with little background in marketing, start out enthusiastically on this medium only to fade away over time. As it turns out, inactive social media accounts can actually harm your brand, so you always need to make sure that you have consistent content populating your page at all times.

Even when they create a content calendar, many businesses create them in Excel. But creating your calendar in Outlook allows you create alerts for when content is due, which will increase your output significantly. Even more importantly, you can integrate your Outlook calendar into your CRM so that the entire team can stay up-to-date on the efforts.

A well-integrated CRM has many benefits for small business owners. And crucially, these benefits extend beyond the contact management and marketing automation functions that most software offers. Social media integration can be an important tool to help your small business succeed in the digital space.

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