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Make no mistake: A Customer Relationship Management System can help your business save time, through a number of measures designed specifically to improve your operation efficiency. Today, we want to take a closer look at one specific way in which implementing CRM software will save time: automated email workflows.

Understanding Automated Emails

Especially if you are just starting to market your business online, you may be wondering just what ‘automated emails’ actually mean. As the name suggest, these are messages that go out on your behalf not based on an active prompt on your end, but an action the recipient-to-be takes to trigger the email.

Some marketers consider the concept of automated and scheduled emails to be interchangeably. However, the above definition suggests a significant difference: one requires active action, while the other one can be entirely passive after set up.

Scheduling emails ahead of time, through your CRM or any type of email marketing software, allows you to pick days and times that produce the best possible open and click-through rates. The send details on automated emails, on the other hand, depend entirely on the action that triggers their release.

How Automated Email Workflows Save You Time

Gaining a better understanding of automated emails already hints at the time-saving possibilities of this medium. Studies suggest that following up with leads as they enter your CRM database within 1 hour significantly increases the chances of turning them into customers. If you don’t take advantage of automated emails, that means constantly monitoring leads as they enter your database for immediate follow up.

But what if you could automate the process? Using your CRM, particularly if it includes email integration, allows you to set up a workflow that sends a pre-written acknowledgement email to any prospect new in the system. You get the benefits of following up quickly, but without the time necessary to follow up with each prospect individually. And thanks to a variety of personalization options, you can still write emails as personal follow ups rather than obvious marketing messages.

After the initial acknowledgement, automated email workflows also allows you to engage in targeted lead nurturing efforts without investing an impossible amount of time in it. For example, you can build out the initial acknowledgement workflow to include additional emails that keep your prospects engaged with your brand over time.

Alternatively, building ‘branch’ workflows that are specifically based on additional actions your leads take after entering your database can further target your efforts. For example, if your CRM records the websites your prospects visit after becoming leads, or the emails they open, you can send automated messages targeted specifically at the portion of the audience who opened an email or visited your pricing page.

Implementing Time-Saving Email Processes

In short, automated email workflows allow you to effectively communicate with contacts in your Customer Relationship Management software without much manual effort. Of course, these workflows do require initial set up. Here are 4 steps that help you get there:

  1. Choose Your CRM Software. Make sure to find a platform that allows you to set up automated emails and build workflows.
  2. Map Your Email Workflows. Before actively building anything, map out your plan for when automated emails will go out. This will allow you to keep a big-picture view, easing the building process once you get to that point.
  3. Build Your Workflows. Next, it’s time to get into the software and build out your actual workflows. Be sure to test them with dummy records to make sure your prospects actually receive what you want them to receive.
  4. Adjust Over Time. Finally, after they’re running, check in periodically to make sure that everything works as planned. If a particular email is performing worse than others, adjust the workflow to maximize your results.

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