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Remember when lead management consisted of a little stack of cards kept in a Rolodex organizer on the desks of each member of your sales staff? While that bit of nostalgia may bring a smile to your face, it is not the image of a successful lead management strategy in the Digital Age. Today, business is global, with information about your products and services streaming into the consciousness of consumers through all forms of social media. Your prospective pool of customers is virtually limitless. In light of this fact, how can you mine the vast field of the internet and manage the leads that are generated efficiently?


It is essential to have a strategy in place to properly manage your leads. Without such a systematic approach, you cannot hope to have adequate time to find genuine quality leads and weed out those who are just idly perusing your marketing materials with no intent to buy. Good lead management enables you to acquire, evaluate, and nurture leads until your sales department closes the deal.

So what does successful lead management look like? What are some best practices for truly effective management?

1) Clearly define your ideal lead candidate

Lead management software can greatly help with this process because it can be configured to conform to a set of characteristics you design to capture the type of leads you are looking for. For instance, data you have collected may indicate specific behaviors that typically generate sales. Using this as an input in your lead management software makes it possible to flag quality leads who are exhibiting the desired behavior. Since lead management software also tracks touch points for your potential pool of clients, you can see where you are achieving results and where your weaknesses lie. This ongoing measurement process saves time for your sales team due to its automated nature.

2) Nurture your leads

Lead management software is easily configurable to automate the process of delivering targeted, personalized content to your entire lead funnel to move your leads along through the complete buying process. By capturing the unique preferences of quality leads and capitalizing on that information with tailored content delivered via their preferred social media outlet, lead management automation does a superior job of maximizing the potential of all your marketing strategies. The psychological impact on individual prospects is great. When a potential customer is reached with relevant content in a context with which he/she is familiar and comfortable, the probability of customer engagement with your product or service is multiplied many times over. This value-added approach to lead management truly enriches customer interaction and drives sales growth.

3) Take advantage of lead scoring capabilities

The sheer volume of leads generated in an integrated marketing strategy makes it essential to have mechanisms in place to prioritize sales-ready leads from those that call for more nurturing and nudging. Lead scoring tools enable your team to sift through large mountains of information about demographics and customer behaviors with lightning speed. This time-saving approach vastly improves the efficiency of your staff by giving them time to concentrate on the most desirable leads while still nurturing prospects not quite ready for prime time.

4) Harness the power of analytics

Because automated lead management generates time-saving reports and crunches the numbers for you, it allows for experimentation in your marketing strategy. You can quickly see the effects of tweaking certain offerings. For instance, you can experiment with interactions that combine various social media outlets for a desired result, and see how different combinations influence consumer behavior in diverse ways. This analytical approach helps target ways to move your leads down the sales funnel with speed and efficiency. Winning business faster powers your enterprise by increasing productivity and ultimately, profitability.

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